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Lupine. Christmas illuminations worth over PLN 100,000 burned down. One of them was set on fire by fourteen-year-olds

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Within two days, four large Christmas illuminations with a total value of about PLN 110,000 burned down on the market square in Lubin (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship). One of them, according to the police, was set on fire by two fourteen-year-old girls.

On Monday, around 3 p.m., a duty officer from the Lubin police station noticed a burning Christmas illumination standing on the market square – a decorative carriage – on the screen transmitting the image from the city monitoring cameras.

The illumination caught fire quite quickly, a black pillar of smoke was rising above the square. Two fire brigades were dispatched to the site, but after the decoration, only the skeleton remained.

Only a skeleton remained of the ornate carriageThe city of Lubin

Fourteen-year-olds targeted

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– The police officer quickly reviewed the camera footage and noticed how earlier two people inside the ambulance set it on fire and then quickly left the scene of the crime. He directed the prevention patrols to intervene, giving a description of the suspects, all the time giving the uniforms their escape route. Thanks to the precise information, the police officers quickly spotted the people indicated by the duty officer, who turned out to be two minors aged 14 – Sylwia Serafin, spokeswoman for the police in Lubin.

The teenagers were taken to the police station. Police officers informed the parents of both girls, prepared the appropriate documentation, which will be sent to the family court.

– 14-year-olds explained to the police that they were playing with lighters, setting fire to and extinguishing the Christmas decoration in which they were sitting. At some point, a fire appeared from the direction of one of them, which quickly began to spread. Frightened, to avoid the consequences, they quickly moved away – says Serafin.

Two teenagers walking away from the carriageLubin police

New Year’s Eve vandals wanted

A similar event, also on the market square, took place on the night from Saturday to Sunday, i.e. on New Year’s Eve. It was literally one minute after midnight. Surveillance footage shows several people firing Roman fire at each other. Ornamental figures served as shields. At some point, they just caught fire – says Ryszard Dąbrowski from the infrastructure department of the municipal office in Lubin.

The perpetrators fled, the fire brigade quickly extinguished the fire. The teddy bear, Santa Claus and the crib burned down. Losses were estimated at around PLN 40,000. The police are looking for the perpetrators.

On New Year’s Eve, people set fire to the decorations by shooting fireworks at each otherThe city of Lubin

– We put out decorations every year. This is the first time such a situation has happened to us – admits Dąbrowski.

– Experienced in this way this year, will you want to stage illuminations next year? – we ask.

“We cannot penalize our entire community for the antics of a few people. Knowing the boss, we will probably put it out, maybe we will take care of a different type of decorations. We will definitely want to draw more police attention to these decorations – replies Dąbrowski.

Three of the four destroyed illuminations did not belong to the city, they were on loan. The Office has a signed contract with the contractor, in which there is a provision that it is not responsible for acts of vandalism. The contractor is to deliver new illuminations on Wednesday.

Main photo source: The city of Lubin

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