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Lupine. He put the dog on the windowsill on the ninth floor, closed the window. There is a sentence, the court sentenced the 32-year-old to prison

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A 32-year-old resident of Lubin (Lower Silesia Province) is to spend five months in prison, as the investigators showed that he abused the dog. He put the quadruped on the windowsill on the ninth floor of the building and closed the window. The dog, shivering with cold and fear, spent at least 40 minutes there. The judgment is not final.

In the beggining of February a resident of Lubin noticed a dog sitting on the windowsill. The animal was sitting on the outer windowsill, on the ninth floor of the building. The window to the apartment was closed. The woman alerted the police. When the uniforms arrived, the animal on the windowsill was gone. Officers knocked on the apartment door, but no one opened the door for them.

He put his dog up on the windowsill on the ninth floorLubin police

Prosecutor’s Office: the dog spent at least 40 minutes on the windowsill

Finally, the policemen reached the owner of the four-legged friend. The woman stated that she was unaware that her dog was being displayed on the windowsill. – In the meantime, we received a video of a shaking dog that was unable to enter the apartment due to a closed window. You can see that the animal was extremely stressed – reported Sylwia Serafin from the police in Lubin.

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The 32-year-old was charged with the abuse of the dog. – He was accused of bullying his dog in such a way that he exposed him to the external window sill of his apartment, located on the ninth floor of a multi-family building, and left him there for at least 40 minutes in unfavorable weather conditions – in the form of negative air temperature and icing – which put the animal at risk of losing its life – reported Magdalena Serafin, head of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lubin.

The 32-year-old was detained and was charged with abusing a dogLubin police

According to the investigators, the man pleaded guilty. On the fatal day, the 32-year-old was supposed to be drunk. He explained his behavior to the police: – He said that he thought that there was a scaffolding outside, which was supposed to be set up there earlier, and that is why he let the dog out – said Monika Kaleta from the press office of the Lower Silesian police.

Sentence: five months in prison

The man was facing up to three years in prison. His case was dealt with by the District Court in Lubin. In early October, he issued a verdict.

– He found the accused guilty of committing the alleged offense and sentenced him to five months’ imprisonment – said Jarosław Halikowski, spokesman for the District Court in Legnica, in an interview with the portal lubin.pl. And he added that the defendant was banned from possessing animals for five years and was obliged to pay PLN 2.5 thousand in interest to the Animal Care Society. And this is not the end. According to lubin.pl, the court decided that the 32-year-old would lose the right to the dog he had put on the windowsill. The quadruped went to the shelter.

Animal rights activists are pleased with the verdict – which is not legally binding. “We do not often manage to prove justice, but this time we definitely succeeded! We are happy with this decision, because although the punishment oscillates around the lower limits of the statutory threat, in cases involving animals, sentences of absolute imprisonment are still rarely imposed” – we read on the Facebook profile of the Lubin branch of the Animal Care Society.

Main photo source: Lubin police

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