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Lupine. Protest in front of the police station. Wounded policemen, detained protesters

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In Lubin, in front of the police station, there was a protest on Sunday related to the death of a young man who died a few hours after being arrested by the police. During the protest, several officers were injured. Three demonstrators were detained.

On Sunday, a group of people gathered in front of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Lubin to protest against the behavior of the police. The reason for the demonstration was the video of the arrest of a man who died a few hours later, published on the Internet.

Protest in front of the headquarters in Lubin PAP / Aleksander Koźmiński

Some of the protesters brought candles, which were lit in front of the police station. At the address, officers shouted offensive slogans.

Protesters threw eggs and stones at the facade of the headquarters building. At one point, a crowd of about 30 people started storming the entrance to the building. Police officers used tear gas on them.

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Protest in front of the headquarters in LubinTVN24

In response, the demonstrators started throwing bottles at the policemen and the building, breaking windows. Demonstrators set fire to the garbage can, which was extinguished by firefighters.

Protest in front of the headquarters in LubinTVN24

According to the police, several officers were injured during the protest. Three demonstrators were detained.

Lupine. Record of the arrest of the man

The recording of the Friday intervention of the policemen from Lubin against the aggressive man was published on the Internet. You can see the policemen trying to overpower the man who is lying on the ground for a few minutes. He screams and leaps away. The two officers are joined by another, as well as a man in a white sweatshirt with a backpack (probably a plainclothes policeman). The four of them bend over the still screaming and lying on the ground. They try to overwhelm him. After a while, they transfer the man to the police car. However, they fail to put him there. The man is lying on the street, next to the police car, and the policemen are still bending over him. At some point, she stops screaming and breaking free. He’s probably losing consciousness.

As the police informed the next day, the man died two hours after being transported to the hospital. The prosecutor’s office will investigate the matter of the man’s death.

A recording of the police intervention in LubinMarlena Najman

Main photo source: PAP / Aleksander Koźmiński

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