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Lupine. The 34-year-old died after police intervention, family representatives on the results of the autopsy

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The representatives of the family of the 34-year-old from Lubin (Dolnośląskie) – who died after the police intervention – said that they had read the results of the autopsy of the man. According to lawyers, “a number of the things they previously mentioned have been confirmed.” At the request of the investigators, the details are not mentioned. The prosecutor’s office hears the opinion of the experts.

August 6 in Lubin 34-year-old died after police intervention resident of this city. The prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation into the misconduct and breach of duties by police officers and the manslaughter of the victim.

An autopsy of the 34-year-old took place at the Forensic Medicine Institute in Wrocław. The deputy district prosecutor in Legnica, Arkadiusz Kulik later said that the section “did not show any traumatic lesions that would be a direct cause of death for the man”. And he announced that it was necessary to perform additional tests, including histopathological and toxicological tests, which will allow to determine the cause of the man’s death.

In order to avoid possible allegations of lack of impartiality, the decision of the Deputy Prosecutor General, Krzysztof Sierak, continued the proceedings at the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź.


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Family representative: we are satisfied

At the same time, the representatives of the deceased 34-year-old’s family are carrying out their activities. At meetings with the media, lawyers report on the progress of the case. On one of them, they emphasized that theirs the findings contradict what the prosecution and police report. In the opinion of the attorneys, the investigators made their work difficult.

The man’s family ordered another post mortem examination. The results are awaiting. However, in the meantime, the family’s plenipotentiaries received a copy of the results of the first autopsy, which took place in Wrocław. However, they do not want to talk about the results in detail, because – as they indicate – they were forbidden to do so by the prosecutor’s office. Wojciech Kasprzyk, one of the patrons representing the family of the deceased 34-year-old, admits: – As family representatives, we are satisfied with the opinion we have read. A number of things that we mentioned earlier have been confirmed – says the plenipotentiary. And he remarked: – We will not prejudge the blame. That’s what the prosecutor’s office and the court are for.

Kasprzyk also added that he had received an assurance that there were documents from the interrogation of one of the key witnesses, which earlier – according to the family’s representatives – were to be missing from the case files.

The lawyer admitted that the entire legal team representing the family of the deceased Bartosz has reservations about the six police officers from Lubin who took part in the activities. Both directly at the detention and later.

We asked the Łódź prosecutor’s office about the results of the autopsy. However, investigators will only learn about its results.

Two versions of events

One of the films showing the police intervention at ul. Traugutt in Lubin, he found his way to the Internet. On a few minutes of video you can see how policemen are trying to overpower a man, incl. pressing it to the ground. The man tries to get away, screams and calls for help. At some point, the 34-year-old loses consciousness. You can see then how the officers try to wake him up by patting his face.

The Lower Silesian police in a statement issued – a day after the death of the 34-year-old – informed that the officers from Lubin went to an intervention involving an aggressive man who was supposed to throw stones at the windows of buildings. The man’s mother called the emergency number, informing the police that her son was abusing drugs. According to the police’s explanations, the officers sent to the scene tried to identify him and calm him down. This one, however, did not respond to orders. As a result, policemen incapacitated the 34-year-old using handcuffs and overpowering holds. As reported, the man died after being transferred to the hospital. The information about the death of the 34-year-old – as reported by the police – was received by the uniformed two hours after the man was admitted to the clinic.

Sub-commissioner Wojciech Jabłoński from the press office of the Lower Silesian police, answering journalists’ questions about the intervention, assured that at the time when the officers handed over the 34-year-old to the medical team, his vital functions were preserved, breath and pulse were felt. He also added that the policemen who took part in the intervention had not been suspended from their duties.

Police after the death of a 34-year-old from LubinTVN24

However, there were reports of the witnesses of the event in the media, according to which the death of the 34-year-old took place during the intervention. And a member of the Civic Coalition Piotr Borys published a letter of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lubin on Twitter, in which you can read that “according to the statements of rescuers, after they arrived at Traugutta Street in Lubin to report to Bartosz S., they checked the heart rate and pressure, but these parameters were not detectable”. “According to the rescuer, the victim’s death was already found on Traugutta Street. He also stated that for this reason they did not undertake any resuscitation measures” – we read in the letter.

She confirmed this version in an interview with the reporter. Notes! TVN Małgorzata Bacia from the Regional Health Center in Lubin. – Based on information from the team on duty at the local hospital in the emergency department on August 6 at 6.36. the medical rescue team brought the body of a man to the local SOR – said Bacia.

Main photo source: Marlena Najman

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