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Lupine. The representative of the family of a 34-year-old deceased after a police intervention: a fractured larynx. The prosecutor’s office does not confirm

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The representative of the 34-year-old’s family – in an interview with a TVN24 reporter – said that “the findings they have, the police tell untruth” about the death of the 34-year-old. The lawyer claims that the man died in the street as a result of a broken larynx. Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office emphasizes that after the autopsy, which took place the day before announced, the cause of death has not been determined, and further tests are needed to establish it.

According to Wojciech Kasprzyk, the representative of the parents of the deceased 34-year-old, “the police tell untruth from the findings they have” about the man’s death. This is to follow not only from the recordings reached by the attorney, but also from the words of a witness who is to have many years of medical experience. The witness is to be reported to the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, and Kasprzyk describes him as “crowned”.

– This is a person with many years of experience in the hospital. She walked by, past Bartek, who had died. She already saw pallor, trouble breathing. She said aloud that the larynx had broken and he suffocated. It is unusual that five well-built policemen sit on a 60-kilogram boy. At the beginning I thought that he just choked as a result of pressing, now I know that the larynx was crushed. We will drill down on it. We are concerned about the situation that we find ourselves in some communist law. The prosecutor’s office prevents us from participating in the autopsy – says Kasprzyk, a TVN24 reporter. And he stipulates that he will report the witness he is talking about to the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday.

They want the investigation moved

The attorney describes in detail the situation when the family was misled by the prosecutor’s office. According to initial assurances, the autopsy was to take place on Tuesday morning. The day before, the 34-year-old’s mother was summoned for questioning.

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– After the interrogation, we received information that the prosecutor conducted an autopsy herself. At this stage, we did not know who was conducting this study, what experts, what their names are. We knew nothing. In addition, we made it difficult to get acquainted with this expertise. As far as I know unofficially, including from the deputy, the opinion states that they do not know why he died – adds the lawyer.

Kasprzyk intends to file a motion to exclude the prosecutor’s office in Lubin from the proceedings and transfer him to another unit. He also wants the National Public Prosecutor to supervise the case. The family will also demand that the autopsy be performed again, but outside the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship. The lawyer points out that the family had no opportunity to say goodbye to their son. Even for a moment they were not able to see the body.

“Additional research is needed”

Renata Kolerska, who is also the representative of the 34-year-old’s family, said in an interview with PAP that the post-mortem examination took place on Monday, and the prosecutor’s office refused to issue the autopsy reports and the examination of the body to the family. – The prosecutor’s office stated that the cause of death of Bartosz S. was unknown. Such a statement does not allow for any verification of the credibility of these activities – emphasized the patron.

According to Radio Wrocław, the experts did not reveal any injuries that could be the direct cause of the man’s death. The cause of death has not yet been identified, and additional research is needed says Arkadiusz Kilik, deputy District Prosecutor from Legnica.

Intervention recording

On Friday morning the policemen intervened in Traugutta Street in Lubin after being reported from the mother’s side that her son was aggressive and was throwing stones at the windows of the buildings. The woman reported that her son had recently abused drugs.

A video was published on the Internet where a fragment of the intervention was recorded: it shows the policemen trying to overpower a man who is lying on the ground for a few minutes. He screams and leaps away. The two officers are joined by another, as well as a man in a white sweatshirt with a backpack (probably a plainclothes policeman). The four of them lean over the 34-year-old lying, trying to overpower him. After a while, they transfer the man to the police car. However, they fail to put him there. The man is lying on the street, next to the police car. At some point, she stops screaming and breaking free. He’s probably losing consciousness.

Different versions of events

The police later reported that the man died after being transferred to the hospital. The police were to receive information about his death two hours later. On Monday, at a press conference organized in front of the headquarters of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław, a spokesman for the Lower Silesian Police explained:

– The police officers who acted in this intervention handed over to the doctors who appeared on the spot, the person who showed vital signs, had a breath and a palpable pulse. The policewoman who was on the spot accompanied the paramedics to the hospital at the request of paramedics, said Jabłoński.

On Tuesday morning, Piotr Borys, a member of the Civic Coalition, announced that the prosecutor’s office reported that a paramedic had declared a death in Traugutta Street immediately after the intervention.

– This is apparent from the prosecutor’s letter based on the information he received from the paramedic. Therefore, today we ask the question: what are the words of the spokesman of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław in this context, who said that Bartek had all his life activities and was transported by ambulance to the hospital – said MP Borys on Tuesday at the morning press conference in front of the headquarters of the Lublin police .

TVN24 Wrocław, PAP, Radio Wrocław

Main photo source: Marlena Najman

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