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Luxembourg. Donald Tusk after meeting with Luke Frieden: We are close to an agreement

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Prime Minister Donald Tusk arrived at Senningen Castle on Tuesday Luxembourgfor a meeting with the head of the Luxembourg government, Luke Frieden. It was a return visit after Frieden visited Warsaw in April.

After a private conversation, both heads of government made a statement to the media. – We share many views on how to make Europe safer – said Luk Frieden, mentioning the ongoing war Ukraine war.

– We need to increase Europe's competitiveness, volso that we don't fall behind the USA and China. We need to create jobs, which is why it is important to strengthen economic cooperation between our countries, emphasized the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Luke Frieden also stated that Luxembourg intends to increase defense spending in the coming years. He expressed gratitude for what he had done Poland does for collective defense and security.

Donald Tusk on relations with Luxembourg: I ​​feel safe

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Donald Tusk confirmed that the relations between the two countries are exemplary. – I feel safe in these relations, because in Europe we really need mutual trust. This is the first condition for establishing new political staff in our institutions – said the head of the Polish government, adding that during the meeting managed to discuss priorities after the European Parliament elections.

– I am co-leading negotiations on behalf of the European People's Party. I would like to assure you that together with our partners in… European Parliamentw European Counciltogether with the liberals and social democrats, we are very close to reaching an agreement, he assured.

– Of course we will treat with respect all forces elected to the EPbecause they all represent their voters, but someone has to start this negotiation process. Our choice is clear – not only because together we have a majority in the EP, but also because, despite our differences, we are pro-European groups. This is one of the most important conditions for finding a compromise – emphasized the Prime Minister.

– Most probably Ursula von der LeyenAntónio Costa and Kaja Kallas will take up these most important positions – announced Donald Tusk, adding that he hopes that the final agreement will be reached during the next summit.

Polish-Belarusian border. Prime Minister on shared responsibility

The head of the Polish government emphasized how important it is for him that the members of the European Council share the same values ​​in terms of support for Ukraine, action against illegal migration and hybrid attacks on the Polish-Belarusian border. He emphasized that this border is also a border European UnionWhich is why all member states should feel collective responsibility for its security.

On Monday, both heads of government took part in the informal summit of the European Council in Brussels devoted to the appointment of key EU positions, as well as in the meeting of the European People's Party preceding the summit.

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