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Lwowek Slaski. Drunk, he drove around the stadium and then around the neighborhood streets. He said he was studying

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Police officers from Lwówek Śląski (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship) detained a would-be adept in the art of driving a car, who was driving through the streets of the city completely drunk, and previously on the athletics track. During the “driving lessons”, the 35-year-old damaged the bumpers and the side mirror, which he unsuccessfully tried to fix in place with adhesive tape.

On Saturday, the Lwówek traffic police received a report of a vehicle with visible damage, moving, among others, on the streets of the city. Previously, a black Volkswagen was also seen on the athletics track of the city stadium, where it was driven in circles. Police patrols went to the area where the car was last seen.

Drunk, no driver’s license

“Officers spotted the vehicle and stopped it for inspection. Officers detected a strong odor of alcohol from the driver. The man’s sobriety test showed as much as 3.5 per mille of alcohol in the exhaled air. The passengers accompanying the irresponsible driver were also intoxicated. The 35-year-old explained his behavior to the police with the desire to improve his driving skills, which – as it turned out – were poor because he did not have a driving license – says Olga Łukaszewicz, spokeswoman for the Lwówek police.

The car had a mirror clumsily attached with duct tapePolice in Lwowek Slaski

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During the inspection, the police also noted the technical condition of the vehicle, indicating that it had been involved in a road accident. The car had damaged bumpers and a broken mirror, which the driver tried to fix in place with adhesive tape.

– The police prevented the 35-year-old from continuing to learn to drive. Instead of polishing his skills, in accordance with the applicable regulations, he will have to take into account the responsibility for driving a vehicle while intoxicated, for which he is now facing a penalty of up to two years in prison – adds Łukaszewicz.

Main photo source: Police in Lwowek Slaski

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