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Mąchocice Chapter. The family got carbon monoxide poisoning, the parents and an eight-year-old child were hospitalized

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Parents and their eight-year-old child were hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The ambulance and fire brigade attended the scene.

The incident took place in a single-family building in Mąchocice Kapitulne (Świętokrzyskie Province) on Saturday morning.

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Fire department: the building was heated by a goat stove

– When firefighters arrived on the scene, the parents and their child were already being examined by the ambulance crew. The building was heated with a goat stove. The rooms had already been ventilated, but our measuring devices showed trace amounts of carbon monoxide anyway – said senior captain. Marcin Bajur from the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Kielce. He added: – It is possible that this concentration was much higher before.

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Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoningKG PSP

A 42-year-old man, a 29-year-old woman and their eight-year-old child were taken to the hospital.

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