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Maciej Grzywacz refused to attend the ceremony at President Andrzej Duda’s. The professor explains his decision

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The president is taking many harmful actions that are aimed at dismantling liberal democracy, said Professor Maciej Grzywacz in “Fakty po Faktach”, who refused to accept the professorial nomination from Andrzej Duda.

The jazz musician and composer, Professor Maciej Grzywacz, said that he refused to participate in the ceremony of awarding the title to the president. In a letter published to Andrzej Duda a former academic lecturer argued that in his opinion the president “violates the constitution” and “contributes to the dismantling of the democratic system”. “I cannot participate in a ceremony that may legitimize actions that are detrimental to the rule of law, democracy and the academic community” – explained Grzywacz.

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“Things have gone so far, there are currently so many problems in Poland, in which, unfortunately, the president has complicity”

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On Wednesday, the professor was a guest of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. It’s a symbolic gesture. I decided that my presence at this ceremony would be a kind of legitimization of what President Duda is doing, with which I personally, as a citizen, professor or artist, do not agree – he said.

– I believe that the president is taking many harmful actions for Poland, which are aimed at dismantling liberal democracy, which I support – declared the professor.

He added that “he thought it would be a good opportunity to demonstrate his opposition.” – I decided that this would be a good opportunity to demonstrate this opposition widely and loudly – ​​he noted.

– I think it is very important, because things have gone so far, there are now so many problems in Poland, in which, unfortunately, President Andrzej Duda is involved, that something should be done, publicize this matter, you should speak out – he explained.

Grzywacz pointed out that “the letter is no secret” because he published its content on his social media.

He mentioned that there he emphasized his respect for democratic elections. – I am convinced that a democratic choice does not mean allowing changes to be made that harm democracy, and I consider such changes to be, among others, an attack on free courts, an attack on free media, limiting women’s rights – he exchanged.

Professor Grzywacz: I was fired because I opposed censorship

Grzywacz admitted in the program that he was a victim of one of the president’s decisions in the area of ​​statutory changes regarding higher education. – One of the provisions of the new law makes it easier to dismiss professors from universities. I have just been dismissed from the Academy of Music in Gdańsk. In my opinion, I was fired because I opposed censorship, I defended the rights guaranteed by the constitution – he said.

– At the moment, by law, you can fire a professor by simply handing him over termination of the employment contractthat was in my case. I worked at the Gdańsk university for almost twenty years. Rector Ryszard Minkiewicz gave me a notice of termination of the employment contract, in which, in my opinion, but also in the opinion of the lawyers who represent me before the labor court, he gave false reasons – he noted.

He added that, in his opinion, the reason for such a decision was his opposition to censorship, which “in his opinion, the rector applied to one of the students who wrote a rap song, the publication of which he withheld”.

Professor Maciej Grzywacz TVN24

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