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Maciejow. The dog fell into a deep well. Firemen pulled him out

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The fire brigade was called to Maciejów (Lubelskie Voivodeship), where a dog fell into a 20-meter-deep well. The animal was extracted “using high-altitude techniques”.

On Thursday (January 12), in the village of Maciejów in the commune of Siennica Różana, a dog fell into a 20-meter well.

Firefighters from the District Headquarters of the State Fire Brigade in Krasnystaw and droogs from the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Siennica Różana rushed to help.

The well is 20 meters deepKP PSP in Krasnystaw

Protective mask and rope in action. The fireman went down to the bottom of the well

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According to firefighters from this first unit, the dog was extracted “using high-altitude techniques”.

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The photos show a firefighter wearing a protective mask descending to the bottom of the well with a rope.

The animal is whole and healthy.

“Fortunately, nothing happened to him, just a lot of fear,” firefighters wrote on Facebook.

The fireman went down to the bottom of the well wearing a protective maskKP PSP in Krasnystaw

Main photo source: KP PSP in Krasnystaw

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