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Macron thunders. The President of France about his pact with the devil

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The head of the French right-wing Republican party, Eric Ciotti, was excluded from its ranks on Wednesday because he supported an alliance with the far-right National Rally. Earlier in the day, President Emmanuel Macron called for the joining of forces of moderates from different sides of the political scene in the face of the offensive of the radical left and the extreme right. He called Ciotti's move “a pact with the devil.”

The party's political office decided unanimously to exclude Eric Ciotti. Two politicians: Annie Genevard and Francois-Xavier Bellamy were authorized to lead this grouping. Xavier-Bellamy topped the Republican ballot in the recent past elections to the European Parliament.

After the political office's decision, Ciotti announced that he still remains the leader of the Republicans. – I am and remain the chairman of our political party, elected by its supporters – he announced. He added that “no decisions taken at this (politburo) meeting have legal force.”

Politicians of the Republican party before convening the meeting TERESA SUAREZ/PAP/EPA

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Breaking tradition

Republicans is a party continuing Gaullist traditions. Presidents Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy came from this movement, known under various names (Rally for the Republic, Union for a Popular Movement). In recent years, however, this party has lost much of its importance; many of its members have gone either to President Emmanuel Macron's centrist Renaissance or to the far right.

After the 2022 elections, the Republicans had only 61 deputies in the National Assembly (out of 577), but they supported the president's party in key votes. When on June 9 this year, Macron dissolved parliament and announced new early parliamentary elections, Ciotti ruled out an alliance with him. On Tuesday, he spoke in favor of cooperation with the far-right National Rally, breaking his party's tradition of not entering into political alliances with the movement founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Macron bears “responsibility”

Emmanuel Macron dissolved the French parliament on Sundaytaking this step following the clear victory of the right-wing National Union in the European Parliament elections.

During Wednesday's press conference, Macron admitted that he was “responsible” for the loss of the presidential camp in the European Parliament elections and the decisive victory of the far right. “I have not provided quick and decisive responses to the legitimate concerns of our fellow citizens,” he said.


Defending the decision to dissolve parliament, the president recalled that after the 2022 parliamentary elections, the presidential camp could not “build a lasting coalition” in the lower house, the National Assembly. He emphasized that in Sunday's European Parliament elections, almost 40 percent of the votes were won by the far right (mainly the National Rally, Marine Le Pen's former National Front). – These results are a political fact that cannot be ignored – he said.

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Macron on his pact with the devil

Macron argued that in the face of early elections, masks are falling off. He pointed to the crisis on the right, recalling that Eric Ciotti supported the electoral alliance with the National Rally. Macron sharply attacked Ciotti, saying he had made a pact with the devil.

He also criticized the left, which is creating its own alliance before the elections, called the “national front”. He accused the radical left France Untamed about anti-parliamentarism, creating constant confusion in the National Assembly, and also about anti-Semitism. Macron also said that the founder of the historic National Front in the 1930s, Leon Blum, would “roll in his grave” over the current alliance and argued that “some socialist and social democratic deputies have nothing to do with France Untamed.”

Both projects, Macron assured, are not a majority that allows for government. He presented his political camp as a third way and argued that the “centrist bloc – progressive and republican” – had a clear vision of the country and Europe.

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Main directions of the campaign

Macron presented the main directions of his camp's campaign before the elections in the economic and social sphere. He admitted that “concrete answers” were needed regarding growth energy prices, and “work should be better paid.” He confirmed plans to build eight new nuclear reactors necessary for the energy transformation.

He also talked about a responsible social model and investing in the justice system and education. He mentioned the ban on the use of social media by young people under 15 years of age. He spoke about the need to “open a great debate on secularism.”

The French president argued that in foreign policy, two extreme blocs would not ensure the vision of France as an independent power taking a balanced position on Ukraine and the Middle East. He emphasized that the National Union “has always been ambiguous when it comes to Russia” and that it is “a problem for Europe and for France.”

– We are ready to include the ideas of social democrats, representatives of the “Gaullist right” and ecologists – he declared, appealing to political forces that do not share the “extremist fever”. During his speech, he emphasized several times that the strengthening of the far right “must be heard” and that he trusted citizens.

He assured that he would not resign if his political camp loses the elections on June 30, in which – according to polls – may win the National Union, currently led by Jordan Bardella.

The French are in shock after the president's decision to dissolve the National AssemblyAnna Czerwińska/Fakty TVN

Main photo source: TERESA SUAREZ/PAP/EPA

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