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Madonna will direct her own biography. Julia Garner is to play the singer

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Julia Garner, known for, among others, “Assistant” or the famous series “Ozark” and “Who is Anna?”, Received from the creators of the biographical film about Madonna an offer to play the star. The singer, but also an actress and director, decided to direct a film about herself.

As reported by Hollywood industry titles “Variety” and “IndieWire”, the creators of the biopic about Madonna (with herself as the director), the role of the pop star was offered to 28-year-old Julia Garner.

Their sources say that after months of casting, Garner became the favorite, outclassing the other candidates for the role. According to “Variety”, the actress’s agents and the interested party are determined to accept the offer.

The film is produced at Universal Pictures.

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Julia Garner as a con artist who robs New York’s elite in the series “Who is Anna?”NETFLIX

A story about the beginnings of a pop star’s career

It was known from 2020 that preparations for a feature film about Madonna are underway. The pandemic prolonged the preparatory work, but over the past year, information about the search for the actress for the main role has been leaked to the media over and over again.

“The Hollywood The reporter “described the process of selecting the title star as truly murderous for the candidates. Each of them had sessions with Madonna’s choreographer, and these lasted up to 11 hours a day. The next choreographic sessions were with Madonna herself. In addition, vocal rehearsals and rehearsals for reading dialogue parts. It was clear that the actress who was hired must not only be able to play, but also dance and sing.

At the beginning of the year, it was reported that only 5 women remained at the last stage of the auditions. In addition to Julia Garner, there were ti Florence Pugh (“Midsummer. In broad daylight”), Alexa Demie (“Euphoria”), Odessa Young (“Bastion”), and singers Bebe Rexha and Sky Ferreira. The Hollywood industry press announced on Wednesday that Garner was selected.

The film itself is known to focus on the beginnings of the pop queen’s career. Madonna wrote the script together with Diablo Cody, the award-winner Oscar for the script of the film “Juno”. As she announced, it will focus on “the artist’s struggle to survive in the male world”. The story is set to go back to the early 1990s – the point where Madonna achieves superstar status. The film is set to end with the artist’s “Blonde Ambition” tour in 1990.

When asked why she directed a film about herself, Madonna replied: – Many people tried to make a film about me. The problem is, they were always men. And she added, “It’s important for me to share what my life was like – and it was like a roller coaster.” It’s also important to do this through my voice and my own vision.

The rest of the cast of the movie is still a mystery. With one exception – longtime friend and colleague of Madonna of Italian origin Debi Mazar is to play Julia Fox.

Madonna in 1985, at the beginning of her careerJim Steinfeldt / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

What do we know about Julia Garner?

Petite, blue-eyed blonde, 28-year-old Julia Garner is one of the most talented American actresses of the younger generation. She also admits that she often hears that she looks like Madonna at the beginning of her career. On her Instagram you can find a photo in which she is “made” for the singer and actually resembles her.

She comes from an artistic New York family – her mother is an actress, her father is a painter, and her older sister is a sculptor. As she admits, she took her first acting lessons in order to … overcome her shyness. – I treated acting lessons as a hobby because I was very shy. And then I really liked it – she said in an interview in “The New York Times”.

Her first major role, quite unusual, was in 2012 in “Electric Children”. She played the role of a Mormon, who connects her pregnancy with … auditioning a rock cassette. She later acted in independent films. We especially remember her from her role in Robert Rodriguez’s movie “Sin City: Lady worth a sin”.

The breakthrough in her career was the hit series “Ozark”, which brought her two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe nomination for a supporting role. She played the role of a young criminal and, having stars as partners, she literally stole every scene from them. We also recently watched her in the fact-based series “Who is Anna?”, Which tells the story of the fraudster Anna Delvey, an Instagram legend who stole the hearts and money of New York’s elite.

Julia Garner in the famous movie “The Assistant”Amazon

During the filming of the series, in 2019 she also managed to play another leading role in Kitty Green’s film “The Assistant”. This is the first important film associated with the #Metoo movement, inspired by the scandal whose anti-hero was Harvey Weinstein. In it, Green shows the terror of a mobbed and groomed woman who discovers that drastic abuses are taking place in her boss’s office. A dream job becomes a path to perdition.

Again, the role of Garner elevated this intimate picture to the top of the most important American pictures of 2019. It is to be expected that, if the script allows her, Julia Garner will also prove to be a convincing Madonna.

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Main photo source: NETFLIX

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