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Magda Łucyan and Katarzyna Górniak about their report “Such Your Beauty” about endometriosis

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The reporters of “Facts” TVN Magda Łucyan and Katarzyna Górniak prepared a report entitled “Such your beauty”. It concerns endometriosis, a disease of several million Polish women, which is responsible for almost half of infertility cases. It is associated with pain comparable to that of childbirth, and there is no treatment system in Poland. Endometriosis is an invisible disease that can destroy life.

Łucyan and Górniak talked to women for whom this disease is an everyday reality. They asked them what their life was like. In turn, doctors who specialize in the treatment of endometriosis – and there are few of them in Poland – asked why women have to wait even several years for a correct diagnosis.


Lucyan: Hundreds of women shared their story with us

The authors of the report talked more about this disease on TVN24. They pointed out that the problem is often unknown or underestimated.

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– During the production of this report, we found out with great power how many women this applies to, because statistics is one thing, and the other thing is that at every stage someone told us – “me too, my sister too, my friend too” – she said Lucyan.

She added that since Friday, when the material is available on TVN24 GO, “hundreds of women have shared their story with her”.

Górniak: more people suffer from this disease than all malignant neoplasms in Poland

Górniak said, however, that “the scale is moving not only because there are so many of these women, but also because they keep telling the same stories”. – For half a year of making this material, we heard the same sentence repeated to all women suffering from this disease – “your beauty is so good”, “it can’t hurt so much”, “you’re fine, don’t overdo it, don’t make it up”, “you’re hysterical” – she enumerated.

She added that “this scale is also so terrifying that more people suffer from this disease than all malignant tumors in Poland”.

Magda Łucyan and Katarzyna Górniak about their report on endometriosisTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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