Magdalena Filiks is the new chairwoman of the investigative committee for postal elections


Magdalena Filiks (Civic Coalition) has become the new chairwoman of the parliamentary committee of inquiry into postal elections. Karolina Pawliczak (KO) and Krzysztof Szczucki (PiS) have been elected vice-chairmen.

MP Magdalena Filiks replaced the previous head of the committee, MP Dariusz Joński (KO), who was elected in the last elections to the European Parliament. Karolina Pawliczak replaced MP Jacek Karnowski (KO), who became Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, and Krzysztof Szczucki replaced MP Waldemar Buda (PIS), who also made it to the European Parliament.

The commission of inquiry into postal elections, which has already completed the hearing of witnesses, examined the legality, correctness and expediency of the actions taken to prepare and conduct the elections of the President of the Republic of Poland in 2020 in the form of postal voting. The commission is now preparing a final report.

Magdalena FilixAlbert Zawada/PAP

The new chairwoman of the committee said that “with a high degree of probability” the committee members will meet at the next meeting in the last week of July to present the report, which – as she said – the committee has been working on for a long time and which is almost finished.

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Envelope elections

Presidential elections, in accordance with the order of the Speaker of the Sejm Elizabeth Witek (PiS) from February 2020, were to be held on May 10, 2020, in the form of postal voting due to the epidemic COVID-19.

However, on May 7 National Electoral Commission informed that because the legal regulation introduced just before the elections deprived the National Electoral Commission of the instruments necessary to perform its duties, the vote on 10 May 2020 cannot take place.

Ultimately, the elections were held on June 28 (round I). Voting took place in polling stations.

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