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Magdalena Filiks spoke after her son’s death. She thanked MP Piotr Borys

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MP Magdalena Filiks published an entry in social media the day after the funeral of her teenage son Mikołaj. In it, she turned to Civic Platform MP Piotr Borys, whom she thanked for “empathy and sensitivity and for the help” he had given the family “a day after the publication of her son’s data by the government media”. She emphasized that Borys “organized a two-hour remote session with a psychologist for Mikołaj”.

The son of Magdalena Filiks, MP of the Civic Coalition, died on February 17. The boy was 15 years old, he committed suicide. It is impossible to unequivocally judge the reasons for taking one’s own life, the investigation into the death of the 15-year-old is being conducted by the Szczecin prosecutor’s office. According to the head of the state commission on pedophiles, Błażej Kmieciak, at the turn of the year, the government media led to the identification of the MP’s son as a victim of a convicted pedophile.

On January 24, 2023, three weeks before the death of Mikołaj Filiks, the head of the National Broadcasting Council, Maciej Świrski, initiated proceedings to punish Radio Szczecin and TVP Info in connection with “the emission of content enabling the identification of pedophile victims, which glaringly threatened the well-being of minor victims of violence “.

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Funeral services for her son were held on Tuesday. They were private. They were attended, among others, by politicians of the Civic Coalition.

Magdalena Filiks thanks Piotr Borys

On Wednesday evening, Magdalena Filiks spoke in a Twitter post to a member of the Civic Platform. “The day after the publication of my son’s data by the government media, MP Piotr Borys called us with an offer of help and organized a two-hour remote session with a psychologist for Mikołaj. Piotr / thank you very much for your empathy and sensitivity and for the help you gave us,” she wrote.

Since the funeral of the tragically deceased son of Magdalena Filiks, government television has been trying to shift the responsibility for revealing that he was the victim of a pedophile to Piotr Borys. However, a day earlier, information to identify the victim was provided by Tomasz Duklanowski, editor-in-chief of Radio Szczecin and the author of the original publication on the subject.

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On the Konkret24 portal, we explained in detail how the government media wrote and talked about this tragedy.

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MP Piotr Borys wrote on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, addressing the government media: “You will not be able to fake reality.”

“You contributed to the death of the child. On December 29, Tomasz Duklanowski revealed the children’s data on TVP Info and Radio Szczecin, which I commented on December 30. Your lies have exceeded all scales. We will meet in court,” he announced.

If you are experiencing emotional problems and would like advice or support, here is a list of organizations offering professional help. In a life-threatening situation, call 997 or 112.


The government media released data that allowed the identification of a teenager hurt by a pedophile Facts in the afternoon/TVN24

Main photo source: Krzysztof Hadrian / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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