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Maintenance debts. New BIG InfoMonitor data

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Maintenance debts in Poland increased last year by PLN 3.2 billion to PLN 13.9 billion, according to BIG InfoMonitor data. The unreliable record holder dad is 45 years old, comes from Wielkopolska and owes over PLN 867,000.

According to the data of BIG InfoMonitor, which keeps the register of debtors, maintenance debts amounting to PLN 13.9 billion have 274,000. fathers (in total, there are 291,000 people in the register). Men make up 94 percent. among all maintenance debtors entered in the BIG InfoMonitor database.

Record holder from Wielkopolska

As Halina Kochalska from BIG InfoMonitor pointed out, the profile of a statistical maintenance debtor is a man between 35 and 54 years old, with an average debt exceeding PLN 50,000. zloty. – Most often, the father who does not pay child support lives in Silesia or Mazowsze – she added.

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According to BIG InfoMonitor data at the end of May, maintenance payments worth PLN 13.9 billion were not paid by 274,000. fathers. The unreliable record holder dad is 45 years old and comes from Wielkopolska; owes over $867,000 to his children. zloty. Although the largest group of fathers who avoid paying for children are men from Upper Silesia (there are 30,318), Mazowsze (27,731) and Lower Silesia (24,486), children from Olsztyn have the highest probability of not receiving child support and other towns of Warmia and Mazury – compared to the country, there are the most non-paying fathers among the adult population. The following places in the infamous ranking of regions are occupied by: Lubuskie, Pomeranian and Lower Silesian Voivodeships.

Expert: condemnation to life in a difficult financial situation and even poverty

The president of BIG InfoMonitor Sławomir Grzelczak explained that these statistics are only a fragment of reality, because they only concern debtors registered on the lists of economic information offices, and not every maintenance debtor is entered in the register. – According to the National Council of Bailiffs, there are over 600,000 active maintenance proceedings, of which about 370,000 executions are those in which the Alimony Fund is the creditor – he noted. She added that the remaining 40 percent. these are cases reported mainly by mothers who do not receive maintenance from their fathers, but do not qualify for help from the fund.

– So we have over 600,000 debtors and about 1 million injured children. And this means that it can be a problem for every tenth child in the country – he said.

He pointed out that the lack of financial support means that “a large part of broken families with children is doomed to live in a difficult financial situation, and even in poverty.” “Guardians often cannot afford to provide children with the same standard of living as their peers,” he added. He cited BIG InfoMonitor research, which shows that 40 percent. of such children cannot take advantage of any paid activities: language lessons, sports training, tutoring or summer camps.

– Much less often than their peers, they spend holidays or other days off from studying on organized trips away from home – he added.

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