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Malawi. Effects of Cyclone Freddy. First they were devastated by a cyclone, now they are threatened by a cholera epidemic

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Malawi is one of the East African countries affected by Cyclone Freddy. The health service there fears a worsening of the cholera epidemic after heavy rainfall and mudslides destroyed much of the infrastructure.

The impact of cyclone Freddy, which has recently ravaged the east coast of Africafound Malawi in the midst of the deadliest cholera epidemic in history. The rainfall brought by the element caused mudslides, floods and damage to the water supply infrastructure.

The country’s health service is concerned about the worsening of the epidemic situation. In many parts of the country, the effects of the cyclone cut off fresh water for residents and flushed pollutants out of sewers, Al-Jazeera reported on Tuesday.

The country is facing “imminent danger” of an increase in the number of cases

“As a result of the flooding, toilets have been washed away and most people do not have access to safe drinking water,” Storn Kabuluzi, director of health services, told AFP news agency. He added that the country faced “imminent danger” of an increase in cholera cases.

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After the latest attack, Cyclone Freddy caused 579 deaths in three countries in southern Africa, including Mozambique and Madagascar. Malawi was hit hardest with at least 476 victims and almost half a million displaced. This group of people is most at risk of the cholera epidemic.

“Children are the most vulnerable in the face of crisis and chaos,” said Mohamed Malick Fall, UNICEF regional director for East and South Africa.

Main photo source: Reuters

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