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Małgorzata Jacyna-Witt proclaims herself “the elite”. A series of entries by the PiS councilor

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The councilor of the regional council of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Małgorzata Jacyna-Witt, at the same time the head of the PiS club in this regional council, boasted a photo from the golf course on social media. At the same time, she mentioned the politicians of the Civic Platform, asking if they were “raving in the branches”. At the same time, she entered into a polemic with journalists and Internet users, describing football as a “common” sport and claiming that she herself “is an elite”. Ultimately she apologized to “everyone she offended” with her entry.

The chairman of the Law and Justice club in the regional council of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Małgorzata Jacyna-Witt, published a photo from the golf course on Sunday, accosting politicians from the Civic Platform.

“Haratacie w usprostnej branches? Well you see. And I, from Law and Justice, at the best golf course in Poland and one of the top 3 in Europe, play golf” – she wrote, marking the profiles of Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, Joe Bidenas well as an unofficial internet user profile of Ivanka Trump, daughter of a former US president Donald Trump.

Its entry was commented on by non-attached MP Paweł Szramka, who asked: “It so happens that many Poles play football. Does it diminish anyone in anything?”.

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PiS councilor on “the domain of platfuses”

The next day, on Monday morning, Jacyna-Witt wrote, inter alia, that “Golf like riding a bike, running or hitting the branches is a sport for everyone. And idiots get excited by the entry”.

She also replied to the publicist Rafał Ziemkiewicz, who suggested that “if he wants to impress, he would rather suggest chess”. “And why? Do you also have complexes? I suggest that you do not give up the field to the smarts of AFTER. Playing their golf, tearing their branches, running them, and we are left with chess? It’s a lie and hypocrisy! “- the councilor wrote in response. Then she added another entry in this thread:” Mr. Rafale, supporters PIS they can’t be ashamed of playing golf, tennis or diving. And that they run around and ruffle branches like Tusk. They also go to theaters and concerts. This is not just the domain of platfuses! “.

The photo of the councilor was also commented on by the journalist Kataryna, who wrote: “When snobbery gets too much …”. One of the internet users replied to this post, who stated that “golf is not an expensive sport at all” but only “has a very elitist association”. Jacyna-Witt also reacted to these entries, saying: “Such an elite, they don’t even know it.”

Her comment was met with Kataryna’s response that it was the councilor herself “proclaiming her to be the elite,” which Jacyna-Witt agreed with. “Because I am an elite, and you are a” pseudo-elite “- complex, but with a high opinion of yourself” – she wrote.

After 10.30 am Jacyna-Witt referred to the proliferation of comments under her entry. “I lightly nudged the supporters of the platfus hitting the branches and demonstrating their trotting – what a howl !!! To be clear – PiS supporters and members run, play golf and tennis, dive, ride fancy bikes, play in branches. Got it ?! “- she wrote.

In subsequent entries, the PiS councilor also claimed, inter alia, that “to play golf you have to be intelligent”. She also responded to another comment by the intenaut, judging that he was “choked” by complexes.

Councilor apologizes to “everyone she offended”

After 11 o’clock the councilor made another entry, in a calmer tone. “To everyone I insulted with my entry about my golf game – I sincerely apologize. It was not my goal to exalt myself or” tear my nose “. On the contrary! I respect everyone and heartily encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. “- she said.

President of the Management Board of the Management Board of the Sea Ports Szczecin Świnoujście Krzysztof Urbaś, Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation Marek Gróbarczyk and Councilor of the Sejmik of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Małgorzata Jacyna-WittPhoto from Świnoujście from August 2019Marcin Bielecki / PAP

Main photo source: twitter.com/JacynaWitt

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