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Małgorzata Manowska spoke about friendship with President Andrzej Duda. Michał Kamiński and Marek Borowski comment

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– Mrs. Manowska’s statement is the kiss of death, because it means that the president and the president of the Supreme Court are brothers – emphasized Marek Borowski (Civic Coalition) in “Kropka nad i”. He referred to the statement of the first president of the Supreme Court, who admitted that she had been friends with the president for 17 years and talked to him regularly. – This is the separation of powers according to PiS. They were pushing so hard to get to different positions that they fell over on their own shoelaces, said Michał Kamiński (Trzecia Droga).

The guests of “Kropka nad i” were Michał Kamiński, deputy speaker of the Senate, Third Way politician, and Marek Borowski, former speaker of the Sejm, senator of the Civic Coalition. They referred, among other things, to the private relations between the first president of the Supreme Court Małgorzata Manowska with the president Andrzej Duda and former national prosecutor Dariusz Barski with the former minister of justice and prosecutor general Zbigniew Ziobro.

On Tuesday morning, Manowska was asked on Radio Zet about her meeting with President Andrzej Duda, which was to take place on January 8. The president was supposed to come to her house to talk about the case Maciej Wąsik and Mariusz Kamiński.

– It is a very original idea that the president, after learning about the district court’s decision, jumps into a limousine and goes to me, an outstanding expert in criminal law, especially the law of pardon – said Manowska, emphasizing that this was sarcasm.

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However, she confirmed that she had met the president. – I have known the president for 17 years and I would be a hypocrite if I denied this relationship. We visited and continue to visit each other, privately from time to time. I visited the president and the president in Krakow, the presidential couple visits me. Friends? I can describe it this way, she said.

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Michał Kamiński and Marek BorowskiTVN24

Borowski on Manowska’s statement: it caused great discomfort to the president

– She caused the president great, great pain today with this statement – commented Marek Borowski in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24.

– This only proves that the PiS elites, including Manowska and (Julia) Przyłębska, they still have (…) a feeling of shamelessness and impunity. That means it’s just normal for them. I guess over these 30 years our democracy has not become deeply rooted in some people’s minds and today you can hear such things, he added.

– This statement by Mrs. Manowska is the kiss of death, because it means that the president and the president of the Supreme Court are brothers – he added. Borowski pointed out that Duda changed the regulations, which could have helped her become the first president of the Supreme Court. – The assembly of judges chose someone completely different. Mrs. Manowska was probably in third place with a minimal number of votes. The president specifically changed the regulations in such a way that a third person could be elected, not the first or second, said Borowski.

“They didn’t notice and fell on their own shoelaces”

The host of the program, Monika Olejnik, reminded that Dariusz Barski is a friend of the Ziobro family.

– This is the separation of powers according to PiS. They were rushing to different positions so much that they didn’t notice and fell on their own shoelaces. Minister Bodnar saw this (…) and ended the game because he showed that they had no right and said that the national prosecutor is not a national prosecutor. If I catch a fake priest walking on the street and saying that he is handing out sweets or wafers, it does not mean that I have been deprived of the priesthood, I have only caught a thief. We have a very similar situation here – said Michał Kamiński (Trzecia Droga).

Michał Kamiński: they were so rushing to different positions that they didn’t notice and fell on their own shoelacesTVN24

Barski’s connections with the United Right

Dariusz Barski has been retired since January 12, which makes him “incapable of performing the function of the National Prosecutor,” the Ministry of Justice said in a statement on Friday. In turn, Barski himself, as well as President Andrzej Duda, believe that the ministry is wrong, so there has been no change in the position of the national prosecutor.

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Experts pay attention to Barski’s close ties with the United Right. – He is a friend of Zbigniew Ziobro. This is not only his subordinate, but also a person who is socially connected with him. This is the person who witnessed his wedding. There we are dealing not only with official subordination, but also with a certain social and friendly dependence – recalled Janusz Kaczmarek, former national prosecutor and former head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration. He was also a national prosecutor until the fall of the first PiS government. Later, he ran for the Sejm from the PiS list.

Main photo source: KPRP/Eliza Radzikowska-Białobrzewska

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