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Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan, Dorota Wellman and other TVN stars support the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month [Zdjęcia]

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June is Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community and an opportunity for public figures to show their support. “It is obvious to me that we deserve equal rights,” says Maja Ostaszewska, actress (“Diagnosis” and “Second Chance”). Support for the LGBTQ+ community is also declared by e.g. Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan, Dorota Wellman, Monika Olejnik and Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska.

Maja Ostaszewska appeared at this year’s Equality Parade in Warsaw. “Let it be beautiful!!! For freedom, diversity, equal rights, respect, openness, joy,” the actress wrote on Instagram. She also took part in the parade Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleskajournalist “Facts” TVN and boss TVN Foundation. “Equality, tolerance and happiness for all,” she appealed on social media.

Kasia Kolenda Zaleska/Instagram

He also openly declares his support for the LGBTQ+ community Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan. “Rainbow friends. You can always count on me” – he assures. – A lot of my friends and important people in my life come from the community LGBT+. I can’t imagine dividing people based on who they want to spend their lives with – she said last year in an interview for one of the portals. As a mother of three sons, would she have a problem if one of them confessed that he was not heterosexual? – That wouldn’t be a problem. For me, it would be a problem if my son came and said that he had joined the Confederation’s youth team. That would be a problem for me, she said.

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He is also among friends of LGBTQ+ people Dorothy Wellman. leading “Good morning TVN” nine years ago she became the face of the Campaign Against Homophobia “Shoulder to shoulder for equality”. Then echoed her strong phrase “I don’t give a shit who sleeps with whom.” Does it still hold them? “Now is far too delicate a wording. Stronger words would be needed today. Each of us deserves it human rightsand they are violated in Poland. I’m terrified that we hate others. We’re looking for an enemy to take it out on. This is politically disgusting and tends to the worst things. The warning uttered by Marian Turski, a former Auschwitz prisoner: ‘Do not agree to evil towards another human being]must resound in us. This is not about your environment, but about all of us. People, wake up!” Wellman said in the last cover interview for “Replika”, LGBTIA magazine.

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He is an important figure for the LGBTQ+ community Magda Gesslerwhose name was chanted during the Warsaw Equality Parade. “Freedom! Equality! Magda Gessler!”. “I am with you with all my heart and all the colors that surround me, that I put on myself … for years. Robert, I love you,” wrote the hostess “Kitchen Revolutions” at the photo of the deputies of the New Left Robert Biedroń and Krzysztof Śmiszek, who are a private couple. In the spring of 2019, after a series of homophobic statements by politicians and public figures, Gessler posted a photo of a gay couple on her social media with the comment: “Love is beautiful in every color … If it’s true … Lovers are protected.” She referred to the entry after the presentation of the TVN schedule. – We all need to love each other. Let everyone love who they want. This is his choice. We are in a free democratic country. I try to make people aware, gently and quietly, that they too may face a situation where their son or daughter will be homosexual. It’s not worth losing contact with them, because it affects their whole life – she said.

Monika Oleynik 25 years ago, she received the Rainbow Laurel, an award for promoting tolerant attitudes and fighting for minority rights (since 2007, the Equality Foundation has awarded Jacinty). “Friendship, love, tolerance – no hate every day. You have to fight responsibly for tolerance – EVERY DAY!”, reminds the journalist.

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