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Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan was a victim of fraud. She found out about it thanks to the fans

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Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan feels cheated. Someone used her image to advertise a money-making app online. – Please, do not click on these links and do not go to this website – the star warns fans.

She posted the appeal on Instastory. – For several days you have been reporting me the use of my image. It would actually be half the trouble if it wasn’t for the fact that not only my image, but also that of children is used to advertise some kind of financial fraud, says Rozenek-Majdan in the video.

Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan on the illegal use of her image

It’s about the ads that have been circulating on the web for some time. They look like a post from the Instagram account of the host of “Dzień Dobry TVN”, although an attentive Internet user will immediately notice that Małgorzata Rozenek appears in the username instead of m_rozenek. A text is added to the photos of the star and her children, allegedly written by Małgorzata, recommending an application that allows you to earn from 500 euros a day. Just click on the link.

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Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan issued a statement

I wanted to warn you about these scammers. Using my recordings, they recommend some financial systems – says Rozenek-Majdan. She assured that she had nothing to do with it and did not cooperate with this company, and she did not consent to the use of her and her children’s image – If it was an advertising cooperation, it would be clearly marked – she added.

This is not the first time that the image of Rozenek-Majdan is used illegally. In addition to running “Dzień Dobry TVN”, the star often participates in advertising campaigns and promotional activities of various brands. Fraudsters take advantage of this. In early April, Małgorzata reported that a company was using her face and name to spread fake news. She reported the case to the police and reminded fans that she only shows the products she advertises on her social media. “If I recommend something to you, I show it on me, on Instagram, so don’t believe the information provided on other platforms,” ​​she wrote on Instagram.

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A similar situation happened to Dorota Szelągowska last December. The hostess of the “Total renovations of Szelągowska” has undergone a significant metamorphosis over the last year. One of the companies decided to take advantage of this and started advertising slimming pills with her name.

If anyone really thinks I’m advertising weight loss pills, they’re going to run wild and bang their heads against the wall. My dears, the situation is as follows: someone is using this image illegally. I am begging you, do not buy any of these types of drugs, because the people who sell them just want to make you into a balloon – said the star in Instastory.

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