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Mamers. They began digging up the mysterious track. So far, they have come across plates and bottles from the times of the Third Reich

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In June, in the bunkers in Mamerki (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship), the remains of a hitherto unknown track and two wagon wheels were found. Which once again aroused the imagination that the famous Amber Room could be found. Excavation work started today. So far, excavated from the ground, e.g. broken plates from the times of the Third Reich.

The Headquarters of the German Land Forces (OKH) was located in Mamerki during World War II. Now it is the best preserved command center from the times of the Third Reich in Masuria. Germany in January 1945 they left the place without a fight and did not blow up the bunkers.

It is in this area, at the foundation of one of the bunkers, that metal detectorists from Jaćwież – Ełk Historical and Exploration Association, Augustów they made a remarkable discovery. A buried fragment of narrow-gauge railway tracks and two wheels – probably from a wagon – were found.

They started digging the trackFB/ Mamerki Bunkers “City of Bridget”

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They didn’t know there was a narrow-gauge railway here

Bartłomiej Plebańczyk, director of the Museum of the Second World War in Mamerki, did not hide his surprisebecause there are no reports of a narrow-gauge railway in this complex.

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On Tuesday (July 4), with the consent of the provincial conservation services, work began with the use of an excavator.

They found hundreds of broken plates Jaćwież – Ełk Historical and Exploration Association, Augustów

– We are curious where these tracks lead. So far, it has been possible to excavate hundreds of broken plates. Some of them with swastikas – says Plebańczyk.

Now they’ll be digging at points, otherwise they’d destroy the trees

He adds that the works unfortunately had to be stopped due to the large number of trees that cannot be destroyed.

– We dug out about three meters of track. Now we’re going to take an orientation geodesic, assuming the tracks are straight, and we’re going to be digging at points. Only in those places where trees do not grow. In this way, we intend to test about 200 meters of the track – emphasizes the director.

Swastikas have been preserved on some plates Jaćwież – Ełk Historical and Exploration Association, Augustów

A chance to discover the Amber Room

As he has been searching for the famous Amber Room in the complex in Mamerki for many years (i.e. the most valuable treasure lost after World War II robbed by the Germans, we ask if he hopes that this time he will come across some trace.

There are also a lot of bottlesJaćwież – Ełk Historical and Exploration Association, Augustów

– Everything is possible in Mamerki. Erich Koch (the last super-president of East Prussia – editor’s note) buried some treasure here, which in the 1970s was actually searched for by the security services – says Bartłomiej Plebańczyk.

According to the conservator’s permit, work on the track is to be completed by the end of July. – The earth can still hide a lot of interesting artifacts – says Mariusz Jarząbek, president of the Jaćwież – Ełk Historical and Exploration Association, Augustów.

1.5 thousand soldiers resided here

The complex in Mamerki was built in 1940-44. There are 30 massive shelters and over 200 other objects made of bricks and wood hidden in the forest over Mamry. There were not only residential barracks, guardhouses and air defense posts, but also casinos and kitchens, a post office, a cinema, a hospital, a sauna and stables. 40 German generals and 1.5 thousand soldiers resided in the quarters. soldiers.

Today, Mamerki is a unique tourist attraction. However, for years they were not as popular as Adolf Hitler’s headquarters “Wilczy Szaniec” in Gierłoż, 18 km away. Their popularity increased when the plebańczyk started looking for the Amber Room there.

The earth may still harbor many such artifacts Jaćwież – Ełk Historical and Exploration Association, Augustów

Main photo source: Mamerki Bunkers “City of Bridget”

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