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Mammatus clouds. Mamma. Phenomenal clouds appeared after the storm

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Mammatus clouds appeared on Friday in the sky of Lesser Poland. As explained by tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Daniel Kowalczyk, this phenomenon often accompanies violent storms – the ones that passed over the south of Poland on Friday. We received amazing photos of the phenomenon on Kontakt 24.

On Friday over Poland an active weather front was passing through. In many regions, especially in the south, it was thundering from the early hours of the morning. The phenomena were accompanied by heavy rain, hail and strong gusts of wind.


Dreamlike clouds

On Kontakt 24 we received photos of the mamma phenomenon, also known as mammatus over Małopolska. Reporter 24 Alek32o2 captured them in the vicinity Krakow.

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Spectacular clouds were also visible over the town of Żegocina in the Bochnia poviat.

A sign of particularly strong convection

Synoptic tvnmeteo.pl Daniel Kowalczyk explained that mammatus clouds, also known as the mamma phenomenon, are clouds related to many other types of clouds – they cannot form on their own. Most often they appear in the sky in the company of stratocumulus and cumulonimbus clouds, less often cirrus, cirrocumulus, altostratus – altocumulus.

The phenomenon usually occurs at the base or lower part of the cumulonimbus anvil. It takes the form of rounded protrusions hanging from the bottom edge of the clouds, resembling sacks or cow udders. Mammatuses often accompany violent ones storms. The mechanism of their formation is not fully understood, but it is most likely related to the vertical movements of air in the atmosphere. The presence of characteristic “udders” indicates a particularly high intensity of convection.

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Main photo source: Dawid Kaleta/Contact 24

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