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Mandates 2022. Road Traffic Law – the Senate introduced amendments

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On Friday, the Senate introduced amendments to the law tightening the penalties for road traffic offenders. One of them assumes that part of the proceeds from the fines is to go to the budgets of local governments. Now the regulations will return to the Sejm.

It is about amending the Act – Road Traffic Law and some other acts. 95 senators voted in favor of the bill along with the amendments, three were against and one abstained. Now the act will return to the Sejm.

The Sejm passed an amendment that tightens the penalties for road traffic offenders at the end of October. The act provides for an increase in tickets and fines for road traffic offenses, a change in the penalty point system and the amount of the third party liability insurance premium to be dependent on the number of penalty points.


Seats 2022. The Senate introduced amendments

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Senators on Friday voted a number of amendments tabled both during the deliberations of the Senate’s infrastructure committee, as well as the human rights, rule of law and petitions committee, and during the discussions.

In addition to technical and clarifying amendments, the senators introduced an amendment to the act, according to which, in certain cases, the proceeds from the fines will be transferred to the budgets of local governments. This is supposed to happen when the fine is imposed by an officer of a body subordinate to the authorities of a local government unit.

Another amendment concerns the possibility of removing from the central register of drivers data not only on the amount of fines imposed by a penalty notice, but also on their payment.


Senators also supported the amendment, according to which a driver who does not comply with the speed limit, exceeding the speed limit by no more than 30 km / h, is subject to a fine of PLN 400 to PLN 800, and a person exceeding the speed above 30 km / h is subject to a fine of no less than PLN 800 zloty. However, in the case of recidivism, the fine would not be less than PLN 3,000. zloty.

However, the amendment that replaced the penalty of 30,000 was rejected. PLN fine for a penalty in the amount of four times the average wage in a given quarter announced by the Central Statistical Office, as well as an amendment reducing the amount of the fine from 30 to 15 thousand. zloty.

The entry into force of the new solutions is scheduled for January 1, 2022, not December 1 this year. as originally assumed.

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