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Mandatory first aid kit in the car. There is a proposal to change the rules

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A first aid kit as an element of mandatory equipment for new cars sold by dealers – this is one of the proposed amendments to the Act on Vehicle Type Approval Systems. The document is currently being considered by the Senate Infrastructure Committee.

The Act on vehicle and equipment approval systems adapts Polish law to EU legislation. It lays down rules for the designation of technical services for the purpose of carrying out tests for the purpose of approval procedures reliably and correctly. It also provides for an alternative possibility of obtaining a type-approval certificate for an additional gas installation.

Mandatory first aid kit in new cars

On Tuesday, the Senate infrastructure committee proposed amendments to the act of a legislative and clarifying nature, which were put forward by the Legislative Office of the Chancellery of the Senate. Amendments were also submitted by Artur Dunin (KO), e.g. concerning liquidation of financial liabilities imposed on controlled entities. On Wednesday, during the Senate session, Wojciech Konieczny (Left) submitted another amendment to make the first-aid kit a mandatory part of the equipment of new cars sold by dealers. He pointed out that in many EU countries there is a requirement to have a first aid kit that meets certain standards. The bill will be reconsidered by the Senate Infrastructure Committee.

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New billing system

The Act introduces, among others, a new system of charging fees for the issuance of approval documents – in the system of fees for the hour of work of a representative of the Transport Technical Supervision in the amount of 3.75 percent. the amount of the average salary in the national economy announced by the President of the Central Statistical Office.

The maximum fee rates for individual activities are indicated, which are analogous to the rates applicable in the Road Traffic Act, e.g. for issuing an EU type-approval certificate no more than PLN 1,600, and for changing such a certificate no more than PLN 400.

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