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Manholes. A helicopter accident near Pszczyna. The helicopter crashed in the woods at night. Tomasz Białoszewski on the possible causes of the catastrophe

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Two people died in a helicopter crash in a forest near Pszczyna. The accident happened when the helicopter was flying over wetlands. Tomasz Białoszewski, an aviation journalist and expert, spoke on TVN24 about the possible causes of the crash. As he explained, such a forest is a “powerful generator of high haze”.

Private helicopter Bell 429, light, twin-engine, eight-person, it crashed today a few minutes after midnight in a forest in Studzienice near Pszczyna in the Silesian Voivodeship. Four people flew it. Two men, probably the pilot and the owner of the machine in the front, were killed on the spot. The woman and man who sat in the back left the helicopter on their own. According to the service reports, they were conscious. They were taken to hospitals. They have fractures and bruises, their lives are not in danger.

Police officers at the helicopter crash siteAndrzej Grygiel / PAP

The helicopter crash near Pszczyna. Expert on weather conditions

The accident happened when the helicopter was flying over a wet, forest area. – This is a powerful generator of high haze – Tomasz Białoszewski, an aviation journalist, explained on TVN24. – In such weather conditions as now, there could also be a possibility of icing of the rotor blades, which – if it was not noticed early enough by the pilot – resulted in the helicopter losing lift. I suspect, taking these factors into account, that there has been a loss of spatial orientation – he added.

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The services had a problem with getting to the crash siteTVN24 Katowice

Białoszewski: the impact was absorbed by the nose of the machine

The TVN24 interviewer referred to reports that the helicopter fell three hundred meters from the landing field. “So the pilot could be looking for the landing site,” he pointed out. “He came too low and most likely collided with a forest wall,” he supposed.

In his opinion, the impact of the hitting the ground was taken over by the nose of the machine, which could have killed the two people in the front. As Białoszewski explained, they were in the “crumple zone when hit with a forward speed”. He emphasized that the crashed helicopter is a relatively new machine (from 2007), modern and well-equipped, also adapted to flights in more difficult weather conditions.

“Two people fastened with belts were protected by the structure of the helicopter”TVN24

The reasons accident near Pszczyna explain the investigators under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office and the State Commission for Aircraft Accident Investigation.

Main photo source: Andrzej Grygiel / PAP

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