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Manor house. He veered off his lane, causing a head-on collision. He was drunk

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Collision of a passenger car with a bus in Dworek in Pomerania. After the accident, a woman who was driving a passenger car was transported to the hospital. Police arrested the 41-year-old driver of the other vehicle. He was drunk. He had nearly three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

As the younger aspirant Karolina Figiel from the District Police Headquarters in Nowy Dwór Gdański told the media, the collision between a passenger car and a bus took place on Sunday around 10 on road No. 7 in the village of Dworek in the Nowy Dwór district. There were a total of three people in the vehicles.

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Police: he left his lane, there was a head-on collision

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Preliminary findings of the police officers working on the spot show that a 41-year-old driver of a delivery car drove to the opposite lane, as a result of which there was a head-on collision with a properly driving 49-year-old woman driving a passenger car. And he adds: – The officers detained a 41-year-old who was intoxicated, had nearly three per mille of alcohol in his body.

The bus driver had caused a head-on collision with the carKPP in Nowy Dwór Gdański

The 49-year-old suffered serious injuries. A helicopter of the Polish Medical Air Rescue transported her to a hospital in Gdańsk. Previously, firefighters had to use hydraulic equipment to pull her out of the car. The person who was traveling with the 41-year-old was not hurt.


Police officers and forensic technicians worked on the spot, who prepared photographic documentation, carried out inspections and interviewed witnesses. A 41-year-old man is due to face charges related to causing an accident under the influence of alcohol after sobering up.

A collision between a bus and a carKPP in Nowy Dwór Gdański

Main photo source: KPP in Nowy Dwór Gdański

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