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Manor house. Old road No. 7 ends in the field. Cars crash against the embankment

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After the construction of the S7 expressway, the old road between Gdańsk and Elbląg is no longer used and ends in the middle of the field with a mound of earth. As it turns out, the former “seven” can be a trap for drivers today. From time to time, someone crashes their car on an embankment, and recently one car has rolled over after hitting an earth embankment.

During the night from Friday to Saturday, the driver of the passenger car, while driving on the old national road No. 7, did not notice the embankment and hit it with considerable speed. The car flew a few meters and landed on the roof. Two people were injured and the vehicle is eligible for scrapping.

This is not an isolated incident. Similar events happen regularly near Dworek. – According to our statistics, it has been the fifth event in this place since 2017. During these few years, nine people were injured and five vehicles were destroyed – says Jakub Chojnacki from the fire brigade in Nowy Dwór Gdański.


Shaft in the field

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Some of these people were seriously injured. A TVN24 reporter talked to Mr. Bolesław, whose wife has a broken spine after she ran into the aforementioned embankment a month ago.

– We drove maybe 60 kilometers per hour. And suddenly it was all over. There were no belts on the road. We hit a mound of earth with the car. The wife was driving, she did not even have time to brake. A car jumped over that dyke, hit the front end, bounced, and we stopped. It’s not labeled at all. Not everyone will notice the sign placed high at the intersection – says Bolesław Głodowski.

The road ends in the middle of the fieldTVN24

No signage, the police will analyze

A sign cited by a man informing that you are entering a dead-end road is about a kilometer away from the end of the old “seven”. Next, there is nothing that could warn drivers of a potential accident. The earth bank at the end of the road is not marked in any way. You can hardly see it at night.

Occasional residents spread several tires on the road to warn drivers.

Residents put tires on the roadTVN24

– On our part, we will certainly organize a meeting with the road manager to analyze road safety on a given route. But we also appeal to drivers to look at the signs, not only at the navigation, which, unfortunately, is sometimes not updated – says Karolina Figiel from the Pomeranian Police.

Main photo source: TVN24

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