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Map of fires in Europe. Fire in Spain, Portugal, France, Croatia. Danger to tourists

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The south and west of Europe are affected by a long, intense heatwave which has brought with it an increased risk of fires. The fire is raging in many popular tourist destinations in Spain, Portugal, Croatia and France. Hundreds of people had to be evacuated when the elements reached the vicinity of their buildings.

The year 2022 is particularly dangerous in terms of fires. According to the data of the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), by 9 July over 343,000 hectares were burned in the European Union countries. This is almost the same as the average for the entire year. Information about the difficult struggle with the element flows from many places in Europe.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes as a result of fires in France, Spain and Portugal on Friday.

Map of fires in Europe on 09-15.07. Active fires are marked in redEFFIS / Copernicus

The map is also available on the official website of the EFFIS project.

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Hectares burned in 2022 (red) compared to historical averages (blue)EFFIS / Copernicus

Fire on the Iberian Peninsula

Countries that have been severely affected by heat – Portugal and Spain – have been fighting massive fires for many days. The Portuguese government has announced a state of high alert due to heat and raging fires, the Associated Press reports. More than 1,000 firefighters fought 17 fires in this country on Friday.

Fire near Faro, AlgarveReuters

A fire in central Portugal

A fire in central PortugalReuters

Also in Spain there were a dozen fires in nature that day. Fires in the part of Extremadura, which borders Portugal, and in the central region of Castile and Leon, forced the evacuation of four more villages on Thursday night. Flames threaten a 16th-century monastery and national park.

In Catalonia in the northeast, authorities have suspended camping and sports activities around 275 villages to prevent fire hazards, and limited agricultural work with machinery.

There was a new fire in Spain on Friday afternoon. More than 400 people have been evacuated from the hills of Mijas, a popular tourist destination in the province of Malaga. Beach-goers in Torremolinos, about 20 km away, could see plumes of smoke rising above the hotels along the coast.

In total, more than 1,300 people were evacuated from the province of Malaga on Friday.

Fire in France

France is also struggling with fires. There have been fire in many places in the south of the country since last week. On Wednesday, firefighters fought the element in the Gironde region. The flames appeared in two places: near the city of Landiras and on the Atlantic coast, near the popular Dune du Pyla beach. In both places it was necessary to evacuate residents and tourists.

A fire in Landiras, France

A fire in Landiras, FranceReuters

On Friday, it was reported that 11,300 people have been evacuated so far in the Gironde department. About 7,350 hectares of land were burnt. The authorities said the situation is still not under control.

Heat and fires in France

Heat and fires in FranceReuters

“We had a balcony strewn with ashes”

Croatia has also been struggling with fires for several days. At Kontakt 24, we receive recordings from the seaside town of Vodice, showing clouds of smoke from a nearby fire. As Mr. Zbigniew, the author of the recording, said, the fire was raging very close to the houses.

– For 12 years I have been coming here every year for holidays, to this city. There are frequent fires here, but I’ve never seen one like this before. It burned many times, but not that much. Airplanes put out the fire. At 4 am there was nothing to breathe, we had to close the windows. We had a balcony covered in ash and burnt grass. The fire must have been very close now, he said.

Reuters, CM Journal, SDIS-33

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / DANIEL PEREZ, EFFIS / Copernicus

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