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March 4 June. Hundreds of thousands of people filled Krakowskie Przedmieście. Accelerated recording

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About half a million people, according to the organizers, took part in the march, which passed through Warsaw on June 4. The recording made using the timelapse technique shows how Krakowskie Przedmieście was successively filled with demonstrators. Polish and EU flags were visible in the dense crowd.

The timelapse technique consists in making a video by combining many photos taken, for example, every few seconds, and playing them back at an accelerated pace. The DroneInWarsaw.com website has prepared such material showing how a part of Krakowskie Przedmieście is filled with participants of the march “against high prices, theft and lies, for free elections and democratic, European Poland”. The passage along a fragment of the Royal Route and the tail of the march were also recorded.

View of Krakowskie PrzedmieścieDroneInWarsaw.com

Participants gradually filled the street and sidewalkDroneInWarsaw.com

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At one point, crowds gatheredDroneInWarsaw.com

At the beginning of the approximately 3.5 minute long video, the clock shows 12:13. When the recording ends, the clock shows around 4:30.

A clip from the march on June 4, using drone shots, was also published on Twitter by the leader of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk. He was the initiator of the event.

Main photo source: DroneInWarsaw.com

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