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March 4 June in Warsaw. People from all over Poland took part in the demonstration

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The march in Warsaw was a march of people from all over Poland. Sometimes they had to leave before dawn. They traveled by coaches, trains and private cars. Their disagreement with the actions of the ruling camp is so great that neither hours nor kilometers counted.

The march on June 4 – on the anniversary of the first partially free elections – was attended by participants reminding how important this moment was in the history of Poland. – We fought against communism and it never even occurred to us that we would fight this commune again after so many years. What PiS has done is pure communism and we, as mature people, remember it and want to oppose it, says Elżbieta from Wrocław, who is participating in the Warsaw march.

Those who do not remember the People’s Republic of Poland also went to the march. They only know Poland, which is part of the European community, and European values ​​are unquestionable for them. – I was born in 2004 (editor’s note), when we entered the European Union and it is unimaginable for us to follow this eastern, Belarusian scenario – says Cyprian Mrzygłód, a participant in the march from Gdańsk. – Many people like me understand that today the fight is for the future, for our future, for the future of young people, because the future of this country also depends on us – adds Filip, a participant in the march from Białystok.


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Remembering the past and thinking about the future – whole families went on the march. – We want to show that we do not like what is happening in the country, how it all looks, how Poland functions, what has been made of it, we are simply going back in time – claimed Anna Langowska from Gdańsk.

Tusk: as long as we have Poland in our hearts, no one and nothing will really threaten itPhotos of the organizer

Various reasons

From specific problems, through the style of doing politics, to the fundamental issues of a democratic state. Each of the participants of the march was motivated by a different aspect of everyday life, which in his opinion needs improvement. Among the postulates, the need to care for future generations was very often mentioned. – So that they live peacefully and do not have to pay our debts – explains Joanna Zdrojewska, a participant in the march from Gdańsk.

– In every party, at all times, there are bad and good people, but I have the impression that PiS wants to make all of us only bad people – adds Mariusz, a participant in the march from Kielce.

>> “I couldn’t stay at home”, “We fight for a better life for everyone”. They marched from many parts of Poland

According to the participants, there were so many reasons to demonstrate and so important that it didn’t matter how far you had to travel to Warsaw. Some people started their journey at the crack of dawn, others even before sunrise – like the inhabitants of Szczecin. – I couldn’t stay at home when the political situation is what it is and such a glorious mass mobilization is organized – assures Joanna, who came from Szczecin for the march.

The march fills the streets between Na Rozdrożu Square and Zamkowy Square.  TVN24 reporter's report

The march fills the streets between Na Rozdrożu Square and Zamkowy Square. TVN24 reporter’s reportTVN24

Eloquent numbers

About half a million people took part in the march, according to the organizers. Not only the inhabitants of large cities, but also those of smaller ones moved

For those who got on coaches, trains and private cars to demonstrate in Warsaw, there was no other choice, because real emotions were often hidden behind this decision. – I have my age. I used to fight for some kind of democracy, what do we have now? After all, this is nonsense. Is it back to what it was? Even worse – believes Ryszard Sołbut, a participant in the march from Białystok.

Main photo source: Afternoon Facts

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