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March 4 June. “We will show the great strength of the community”

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All opposition forces are engaged in the June 4 march, which was first invited by Donald Tusk. The artistic circles and the representation of young voters join in. As they say, they want to go with a smile on their face, but they do not hide that for them it is a fight for their future.

There is already a stage, there are barriers, everything is almost buttoned up. Hundreds of thousands of people may turn up for the June 4 march in Warsaw on Sunday. At least that’s what the organizers estimate. – It will be a great march, I am convinced that we will be able to organize the largest demonstration in the last 30 years – believes Marcin Kierwiński, PO MP.

The anti-government march is organized by the Civic Coalition, Donald Tusk will be speaking, but all opposition forces have signed up to participate, albeit not immediately. – Tomorrow we will show the great strength of the community, great strength and willingness to remove Law and Justice from power – says Tomasz Trela, MP of the New Left.

Those who are just entering adulthood and who do not like the actions of this government also want to show their strength. Ola, her dad and her boyfriend are preparing stickers that will be distributed to the participants of the march. – This is our strike, as well as the next generation’s, against high prices, against hypocrisy, against lies and we feel that we, as the future of this country, must contribute to what is happening now – explains Ola Mlodziejowska, a resident of Suchy Las in Wielkopolska. – I want to fight for our future, I will fight with a smile on my face – adds Mateusz, her boyfriend.

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June 4 march routeGoogle Earth/TVN24

Appeals of artists

Artists: musicians, actors and directors are also encouraged to participate in the march. – You must go to take part in this march, which is very important. This June wind of history is cold, but maybe sobering, argues Stanisław Tym, actor, satirist and director.

– On June 4, 2023, I will be in Warsaw, because for me there is such a thing as the common good. See you soon – announces Grzegorz Turanu, musician.

– I will be for various reasons, but above all in defense of democracy, which may not be the most outstanding creation, but certainly the best of those we have at our disposal – explains Hanna Banaszak, singer.

Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, a participant in the Warsaw Uprising, will also march in Warsaw. – Let’s go to count, for a march. To show up. To believe that we are a great force – he says.

Presidential Mobilization?

For many, the impulse to go to the march was Andrzej Duda’s decision on Monday to sign the so-called “lex Tusk” act, i.e. the creation of a commission that is to be a prosecutor’s office, a court and services in one. It was after this signature of the president that Szymon Hołownia and Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz declared their participation. – I thank you very much for the mobilization of opposition voters, because today this mobilization on the side of the opposition is much greater than it was a week ago – says Paulina Hennig-Kloska, MP from Poland 2050.

A spokeswoman for the first government of the Third Republic of Poland admits that the march has already achieved its first success. According to Małgorzata Niezabitowska, the fact that Andrzej Duda decided to change the “lex Tusk” law is due to the unity of the opposition and citizens before the June 4 march. – It is said that the president did it because the European Union. In my opinion, the EU is not particularly concerned, because the State Department is a bit more, but in my opinion it is above all a sign that strength, determination and unity have been frightened, argues Małgorzata Niezabitowska, former spokeswoman for Tadeusz Mazowiecki’s government.

Do PiS politicians regret that the “lex Tusk” effectively united the opposition, and the turnout at the march was probably increased? – If any of the politicians believes that this law or commission may threaten him, it is already a question of his conscience and what he did. The public remembers very well what some politicians did, believes Piotr Gliński, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

High noon

The march starts on Sunday at 12 noon from Plac Na Rozdrożu. Participants will go through Plac Trzech Krzyży, Krakowskie Przedmieście and reach Plac Zamkowy. The city promises that it will do everything to cope with the influx of coaches. – I do not remember when over 1,000 coaches with participants came to Warsaw. So we have to do everything to make it as smooth as possible, i.e. transporting participants, and then successively, in batches, picking up participants – enumerates Michał Domaradzki, director of the Warsaw Security Center.

Due to the march, difficulties on the capital’s roads are to be expected, and the city authorities appeal to participants and residents to use public transport, not their own cars. On June 4, the inhabitants of Krakow will also march. The local KOD is organizing a manifestation for those who will not make it to Warsaw.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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