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Marches on June 4 all over Poland. Demonstrating against “hypocrisy, lies, propaganda”

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At noon, in many Polish cities, as well as in Warsaw, crowds of people gathered who could not get to the capital for the great march on June 4. The demonstrations are an expression of opposition to the policy of the Law and Justice government.

On Sunday, similar protests were organized in several Polish cities of the Warsaw March. Protests are taking place, among others, in Szczecin, KrakowGorzów Wielkopolski, Częstochowa and Opole.


March in Krakow. Crowds in the market

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A crowd of people gathered on the Main Market Square in Krakowwho could not go to the march to Warsaw. Participants walk through the streets of the city, carrying the flags of Poland and the European Union.

Several thousand people take part in the march in KrakowPAP

Szczecin shows strength

From Western Pomerania to march on June 4 in Warsaw about 20 buses left. Many people, however, could not leave, and with them in mind, Maria Schneider from the Civic Platform and Barbara Pyć-Podlewska from the Committee for the Defense of Democracy decided to organize a manifestation of solidarity with the participants of the Warsaw event.

In the social media invitation, they write: “You can’t stand what Poland is like today? Tired of the raging prices? You can afford less and less things? Do you want a free, democratic and European Poland? Unfortunately, you can’t take part in the Great March on June 4 in Let’s meet in Szczecin, at Solidarności Square, at noon!”

The organizers encourage to turn up in crowds: “Let’s show how many of us there are. Let’s show that we will win. Let’s show our strength!”.

The idea of ​​organizing a separate protest in Szczecin came up at a meeting of the city’s inhabitants with opposition MPs Dariusz Joński and Michał Szczerba. The proposal was made by the public, because, as the residents noticed, not everyone can leave and express their opposition in the capital.

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As Maria Schneider assures, representatives of many different parties and associations were invited, including representatives of the Left, PSLGreens, Poland 2050 or environments LGBT. During the manifestation, everyone willing to speak will be able to speak, say why he came, what he expects. The protest is expected to last about 4 hours.

Warsaw is also in Częstochowa

The Day of Freedom and Civil Rights was organized in Częstochowa. As the organizers assure, the demonstration was prepared for those who would like to express their opposition at the nationwide march in Warsaw on June 4, but for various reasons could not go to the capital. It was organized by Jolanta Urbańska, vice-president of the Częstochowa City Council, activist of the Democratic Republic of Poland and the Women’s Strike, and Jarosław Kapsa, a well-known democratic opposition activist from the 1980s.

There are about 2,000 people present at Biegański Square in the very center of the city. – Warsaw is also in Częstochowa – Urbańska commented on us. – It’s an important date, it’s a holiday. Just as there was a change in 1989, there is a chance that something will change now too, echoed Kapsa, the other organizer of the event.

June 4. CzestochowaTVN24

Opole against “hypocrisy, lies, propaganda”

The inhabitants of Opole, who did not go to Warsaw, gathered at Plac Wolności. Several hundred people attended the event. They had banners with the slogans “Freedom for the courts”, “Free media, free country” and “Opole against PIS“.

Stanisław Jałowiecki, the first chairman NSZZ “Solidarity” in the region, during the protest, he stated that “everything needs to be invested in, including the state and democracy, this is our investment.” – PiS must leave – he added.

Many of the people we spoke to stressed that they were against “hypocrisy, lies, propaganda”. – I am demonstrating against rudeness and mafia activities of the government – ​​told us Leszek Tarnogrodzki, one of the gathered.

June 4. Demonstration in OpoleTVN24

march in the capital

It goes through the center of Warsaw today a march called by the leader of PO Donald Tusk “against high prices, theft and lies, for free elections and a democratic, European Poland”. All opposition forces – representatives of the Left, PSL and Poland 2050 – signed up to participate, although not all at once.

Main photo source: TVN24

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