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Marcin Józefaciuk became an MP. He is a teacher, ultramarathon runner and social activist

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The tattooed English teacher showed off his determination and commitment. When he couldn’t find teachers, he started teaching nine subjects himself. He hosted the program “Teenagers rule… money” on TVN, and now Marcin Józefaciuk has received a mandate to the Sejm.

41st birthday and a gift of almost 9,000 votes from Łódź residents. For a debutant in parliament, this is a really big loan of confidence, but Marcin Józefaciuk has his own plan for it. – School must be community-based, not imposed by the state. Let’s finally stop bringing politics into school, says an MP from the Civic Coalition.

Józefaciuk is privately single, an English major by profession, vice-principal of the school where he almost lives and intends to continue to combine the parliamentary bench with classroom desks. He even taught nine subjects. Hence the idea to go to the Sejm and fix what was broken. – Then our school will be normal, but above all, the prestige of the person who works at the school will be that he can again say with his head held high: yes, I work in a Polish state school. That’s what it’s all about, emphasizes Józefaciuk.

Józefaciuk is a passionate ultramarathon runner. He likes helping others, as much as teaching. When he needs help, he can run non-stop, even for 48 hours. He runs several dozen kilometers every day – even with problems. – I either go to the gym, or to the street, or to the forest and just run with this problem. I wonder how I can solve it, then new ideas come to me, he says.

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Marcin Józefaciuk: Polish schools do not need reforms at this point, but really reformationTVN24

It gained popularity three years ago

According to his colleagues, he is tough and brave. The whole of Poland heard about him for the first time three years ago, when during the pandemic he pointed out the regulations preventing learning vocational subjects. When the Minister of Education assured that there was no shortage of teachers anywhere in the country, he warned that his school immediately needed as many as ten.

Józefaciuk protested against the introduction of a corrupt HiT textbook into teaching. This openness attracted the attention of television. He hosted a program on TVN in which he taught teenagers how to manage money. He always remains himself in each of his roles – also on election posters. – People didn’t elect a guy in a suit and tie. People elected someone to represent them, who is normal. And I will remain like that, he assures.

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It cannot be said that he has no experience in politics. As a 16-year-old, he was a member of the Children and Youth Sejm, so he already has some well-trodden paths in the Sejm.

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