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Marcin Józefaciuk on the need for changes in Polish education

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In a Polish school, the most important thing should be the student and his search for identity – pointed out Marcin Józefaciuk, educator and host of the program “Teens rule the money”. Meanwhile – as he said in “Wstasz i Weekend” on TVN24 – theoretical knowledge is a priority in the current system. According to the teacher, change is possible, but it will be time-consuming and requires non-political cooperation.

Marcin Józefaciuk was a guest of the program “You get up and weekend” on TVN24. He was asked, among other things, what position education should take in a political campaign and what a Polish school needs. In his opinion, “the Polish school does not need reforms at this point, but in fact a reformation.”

– This is a school that has been exclusively reformed since the 19th century. At this point, everything in the Polish school starts to rain. The most important thing should be the student and the student’s search for identity. Focus on soft skills, not hard ones. Funding educational tasks should also be one of the most important things. This money is in education, but it is being allocated in the wrong way. In my opinion, a civic panel should be created, which should bring together all political parties and all parties, public and non-public, i.e. associations, NGOs, students and parents. We should build a new education system of the 21st century from the beginning, the teacher pointed out.

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Marcin Józefaciuk on how to rebuild the prestige of the teaching profession

When asked about the difference between the scale of teachers’ funding and the expectations placed on them, Józefaciuk confirmed that these elements are completely different. – Every year, Łódź lacks PLN 500 million for educational tasks. In this case, teachers’ salaries of PLN 150 per hand increased expenses by PLN 17 million. It is falling apart, this money is somewhere else, in other places invested by the ministry – assessed the educator.

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According to the TVN24 interlocutor, rebuilding the prestige of the teaching profession is a very long-term task. – It is impossible to order a student to respect the teacher by one regulation. It is us as teachers who can rebuild the prestige of the profession. First of all, by increasing salaries and increasing the attractiveness of the teaching profession and giving a certain amount of free hand, the rulers are able to increase the attractiveness and are able to motivate us so that we can increase this prestige – emphasized Józefaciuk.

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Just 10 years and “consent to stop indoctrinating”

The teacher pointed out that currently the student is not the focus of the education system. Instead, he is “packed” with theoretical knowledge, but lacks practical knowledge. And students learning vocationally – as Józefaciuk pointed out – work on old devices that do not correspond to the realities of the labor market. – The student has no environmental and ecological education, no financial education, which can be seen in our program. The student does not have psychological education, there is no suicidal prevention in schools. We should focus on all this in a modern school – enumerated Józefaciuk.

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He added that the introduction of these changes requires at least 10 years and cooperation across political divisions. – It is difficult, but not impossible. It is enough to agree to stop indoctrinating in Polish education and start teaching at the level of the 21st century – said the pedagogue.

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Marcin Józefaciuk on the need for changes in Polish education – the whole conversationTVN24

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