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Marcin Przydacz, head of the Bureau of International Policy, on security policy, Poland’s image and support for Ukraine

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The newly appointed head of the Office of International Policy in the Chancellery of the President, Marcin Przydacz, listed the priorities of President Andrzej Duda’s policy. As he stated, these will include security policy, support for Ukraine, as well as further strengthening of Polish-American relations. Przydacz announced that in the near future the Bureau’s work will focus on security policy issues. – The security of Poland, Poles and the entire eastern flank is absolutely crucial in the opinion of the president, and the threats are known – he added.

On Thursday, President Andrzej Duda dismissed Jakub Kumoch as secretary of state – the head of the Office of International Policy in the KPRP and at the same time appointed the current deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marcin Przydacz, to this position.

– The president is a very important subject of international and foreign policy, so naturally working for him is also a great honor for me, a great honor and I am glad that the president expressed such confidence in me and offered me cooperation in such a formula – he said in an interview with PAP Przydacz.

Security of Poland and Poles

As the new head of the Bureau of International Policy underlined, in the near future the Bureau’s work will focus on security policy issues. – The security of Poland, Poles and the entire eastern flank is absolutely crucial in the opinion of the president, and the threats are known. It’s politics Russiainstability in the region are also potentially further negative effects of Russian aggression on Ukraine he said.

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Marcin Przydacz became the head of the International Policy Office in the Chancellery of the PresidentPAP/Rafał Guz

– This is the first point among the priorities of Mr. President, which I will try to include in my work. Security policy will be implemented in many different forums: we will try to further strengthen the eastern flank FOR THIS, support Ukraine in its fight for sovereignty and independence, because this fight is also a fight for the stability of the entire region. We will also try to keep the issue of Russian aggression as high as possible on the international agenda, said Przydacz.

– We will also continue to focus on ensuring that the Western world responds appropriately to Russia’s aggressive actions. The consolidation of the free world is crucial here and the president will make every effort to ensure that it is not only maintained, but even deepened, because without the support of the West, Ukraine would be much, much more difficult, he added.

Marcin Przydacz replaced Jakub Kumoch as head of the Bureau of International PolicyJakub Szymczuk/KPRP

Strengthening relations with the USA and the image of Poland

According to Przydacz, the president’s policy priorities will also include further strengthening of Polish-American relations. – United States confirmed by their actions in recent months that a safe Europe is Europe cooperating with the United States, so we will also pursue an active policy in this respect – pointed out the minister. He stressed that the president is in ongoing contact with the president of the United States Joe Biden.

– The third issue on which we will focus is strengthening the image of Poland as an important subject of international politics. This has been maintained in recent months. This will be our next priority – this good image of Poland as a stabilizer, provider of regional security will be important to us – said Przydacz.

Among other important directions, he mentioned the strengthening of bilateral relations with key partners. Among them he mentioned the USA and Great Britain as an important ally of Poland, but also the countries of Western Europe and the region.

Bilateral relations with Ukraine, “in a broad sense”, also play a special role. He noted that he meant both political relations and issues concerning historical memory.

– Another important issue is the emphasis on regional policy, including the initiatives of the Three Seas Initiative and the Bucharest Nine. These are the initiatives whose father, in a sense, was the president and which still require activity and strengthening, and we will certainly focus on this good regional cooperation in the near future – announced Przydacz.

The issue of energy security

Speaking about energy security, he emphasized that “despite the turmoil in recent months, Poland, the Polish government and also the president managed to lead to a situation in which we are energy secure.”

– Certainly, in the near future, the president will carry out activities aimed at strengthening this security through, for example, friendly relations with suppliers of energy carriers. These carriers still include oil, which is imported to Poland, gas, but also coal, which has been imported in recent years. Here, these good relations, also at the level of heads of state, help a lot in energy security, he said.

Przydacz stressed that when it comes to food security, Poland as a food exporter is not exposed to any dangers. – On the other hand, food problems in the world could cause migration problems. So, according to the president, a wise foreign policy should protect against such turmoil so that this difficult year does not cause additional challenges that the opponents of global stability would certainly like to take advantage of, both in Africa and in the Middle East – said the minister.

That is why, he said, the president has been and will continue to pursue an active policy in this area as well. – The nearest forum where global economic, food and environmental topics will be discussed will be the World Economic Forum in Davos – he announced.

Activation of economic diplomacy

– Another important task set by the president is also the activation of economic diplomacy in order to promote Polish economic interests even more actively, not only in the natural environment for us, which is European economies, but also in further destinations – said Przydacz.

– I am talking here about Asia, the Far East and other directions in which Polish entrepreneurs have ambitions, but also count on the diplomatic support of the state – he added.

Main photo source: PAP/Rafał Guz

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