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Marcin Przydacz published a photo, claiming that he was in the TVN24 control room. He wasn’t in it. Radomir Wit confronted the guest of the “Kampania#BezKitu” program with what he wrote

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Marcin Przydacz, PiS MP and former deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was a guest in the “#BezKitu Campaign” on TVN24. Before the program began, he took a photo of himself in front of the studio entrance and published it on social media, claiming that he was “in the TVN24 control room.” He wasn’t in it. – Our control room is closed to any politicians. And I’m sorry, you will never take a photo in the TVN24 control room – Radomir Wit informed him, confronting his guest with what he wrote during the live program.

“Straight from the TVN24 control room! Discussion coming soon. Welcome!” – Przydacz wrote on the X platform shortly before 8 p.m., when the “#BezKitu Campaign” program starts. He also attached a photo of himself.

But it’s not a photo from the control room. The place where he took them was the graphics station of the virtual studio, located next to the door of the studio.


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“Our control room is closed to any politicians”

Radomir Wit, the host of “Kampania#bezKitu”, confronted him live with what Przydacz posted on the X portal.

– I regret to inform you that this photo, (…), is not of the director. The director’s room is a place where there is a publisher, a producer, and all the people creating the program. Unfortunately, you didn’t take a photo of yourself in the control room, the program host said to Przydacz.

– I know that you once wanted to enter the TVN24 control room. When they tried to take over the state’s free media using lex TVN i Marek Suski he said directly that it was about having an influence on what appears on our air, but no politician enters the TVN24 control room, because there are only journalists and the entire team that creates the program, so I’m very sorry , but you didn’t take a photo of yourself in the control room, the host continued.

– I took a photo at the entrance to the studio, just as you take it at Plac Powstańców (TVP news programs are created there – ed.), entering the TVP Info studio. (This is – ed.) exactly the same entrance – Przydacz tried to explain.

– This is a photo from the entrance to the studio, just like some politicians took a photo from the entrance to the “Guest News” studio – he pointed out.

– Once again, Mr. You wrote something specific with this entry. Unfortunately, I’m sorry, I have to disabuse you. Our control room is closed to any politicians. And I’m sorry, you will never take a photo in the TVN24 control room – Radomir Wit said again to his guest.

– Just as I didn’t take a photo in the control room of any other TV station, this is obviously a kind of stylistic trick to draw attention to the fact that you simply enter the studios of different TV stations through different places – between cameras, between operators, talking with journalists – added Przydacz.

At TVN24, guests never enter the studio through the control room.

Exchange of words between Radomir Wit and Marcin Przydacz, who claimed to be in the TVN24 control roomTVN24

Przydacz: taking a photo in a TV studio does not mean it is politicized

Przydacz later published another entry. He noted that he took them “at the entrance to the studio”, while claiming that the information about the director was a “joke”.

“Unfortunately, I slightly overestimated the sharpness of the minds of some politicians of the ruling coalition. They didn’t get the joke. 😉 Let me explain. Taking a photo at the entrance to the studio is possible on every TV station. Both on TVN24 and TVP Info. This does not mean politicization. Unless “Someone seriously thinks that by taking a photo with a monitor I could influence some television or a journalist. If so, I’m very sorry, but I’m no longer responsible for such long journeys with reason,” he wrote.


Main photo source: TVN24

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