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Mare Mountain. Two girls are dead. The mother sent a letter, the court did not have time to check what was happening in the family

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At the turn of March and April, the court in Ostrzeszów received a letter from the mother of the murdered girls with illogical and disturbing content. It aroused suspicions of the judge, who initiated the proceedings, but did not manage to check what was happening in the house in Kobyla Góra, where the family tragedy took place.

The tragic event took place on Thursday in a single-family house in the small town of Kobyla Góra in Wielkopolska. At noon, a man called the emergency number. His report indicated that upon returning home he found the body of one of his daughters and his wife.

Rescue services arrived at the scene and found the body of the second daughter. After the end of the rescue operation, two girls aged 7 and 13 were found dead. Their 47-year-old mother managed to revive her life. The woman in a serious condition was transported by LPR helicopter to a hospital in Kalisz, where she is currently in the intensive care unit.

Preliminary findings show that the youngest girl was strangled, the older one and her mother had cut wounds. The prosecutor’s office launched a homicide investigation. Investigators inspected the scene with the participation of specialists and experts. An autopsy will be performed in the near future.

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A family tragedy in Kobyla GóraPAP/Tomasz Wojtasik

Mother’s letter to the court

The vice-president of the District Court in Ostrzeszów, Barbara Sabała-Bronś, admitted in an interview with the Polish Press Agency that the court had recently become interested in the family from Kobyla Góra. The court received a letter sent by the mother of the killed daughters to the family and juvenile department at the turn of March and April.

The content of the letter worried the family judge because it was illogical, strange and creating uncertainty. Therefore – as Sabała-Bronś said – it was decided to initiate proceedings ex officio in order to determine what is happening in the family, whether something disturbing is happening.

The court notified the offices that could bring something to the case; an opinion was requested.

– A guardianship meeting was scheduled for Wednesday last week in order to recognize the family and possibly change the legal guardian for the eldest daughter – explained the vice-president.

Earlier, the District Court in Ostrzeszów appointed the mother as the legal guardian of the sick 19-year-old. The court wanted to make sure that the woman could still act as a guardian for her eldest daughter.

The meeting in court did not take place because the woman did not show up. A day later, the two daughters were murdered. The 19-year-old and the father avoided death because they were not at home.

Services at the scene of the incident in Kobyla GóraPAP/Tomasz Wojtasik

Nice, calm, polite girls

The principal of the primary school in Kobyla Góra, Joanna Ciachera-Raduła, confirmed that the school had received a letter from the court requesting an opinion on the functioning of the sisters at the school. “We didn’t have time to send back a reply,” she said.

According to the head of the school, none of the teaching staff noticed anything disturbing in the behavior of the girls. The sisters were calm, kind, polite, very well brought up. Their mother took care of them. She came to pick up her younger daughter at school and attended interviews. The father took care of the family, according to the director, he worked hard.

The Commune Social Welfare Center in Kobyla Góra refused to provide information on possible actions taken in the family due to the ongoing investigation.

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Wojtasik

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