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Marek Kaliszuk saved the life of a sick child. The actor donated his bone marrow to a little boy

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Marek Kaliszuk, a serial and theater actor, also known for his participation in entertainment programs, this time took on a completely different, life role. He became a bone marrow donor for a patient in need. For now, he will not know his personal details, but it is already known that he is a small boy.

Matek Kaliszuk is a well-known serial and theater actor. He entered the DKMS database as a potential bone marrow donor 9 years ago.

– At that time, I did not realize what it really meant, and even more so it never occurred to me that it would ever happen, that this phone would call me – he explained on Dzien Dobry TVN.

When a few weeks ago it turned out that he had a genetic twin, the actor did not hesitate for a moment. However, before he underwent the procedure of collecting stem cells, he underwent a number of tests confirming his ability to donate bone marrow and excluding diseases that could be transferred to the recipient.

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– 4 days before I started taking growth factor injections. I had to slightly change my daily functioning and give up physical activity. I felt fatigue and more or less tolerable pain in the spine, but believe me, I did not doubt my intentions and sense of what I was doing even for a moment. On the contrary, said the artist.

The cell separation procedure, according to the actor’s account, took nearly five hours. During this time he was connected to a blood filtering machine. He could go home right after that. As he admitted – he was very concerned, but also happy that he could help someone selflessly.

– For me, it was a “moment” of sacrifice, and for my genetic twin, the only and last chance for a second life. (…) However, I have never felt like during and just after donating my hematopoietic cells. They went to a person suffering from leukemia. To a stranger, unrelated to me, who will not survive if there is no donor ready to share a piece of himself – explained the actor.

Genetic twins will have a chance to get to know each other

In gratitude for his help, Marek Kaliszuk received an ID card and a decoration. For now, he will not know the name of the person who will receive his bone marrow. There will be such a possibility in some time, if both parties express such a will. So far, all we know is that the recipient is a school-aged boy.

– I know that his whole family is grateful to me and that I would do it again – assured Kaliszuk.

Main photo source: DDTVN

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