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Marek Pęk did not become the deputy speaker of the Senate, as a result of the entry about the “pro-Russian majority”. PiS senator and Michał Kamiński comments

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I guess my head didn’t roll for that one tweet. I think it was just a forced excuse. I failed because I was a representative of Law and Justice – said Senator Marek Pęk in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24, who did not receive sufficient support and did not become deputy speaker of the Senate. Michał Kamiński from Trzecia Droga, elected deputy speaker of the House, agreed that “the matter of the unfortunate and offensive tweet is an element of a larger whole.”

On November 13, at the inaugural meeting of the upper house of the Polish parliament, Marek Pęk from Law and Justice did not receive sufficient support and did not become deputy speaker of the Senate. He held this position in the previous term.

The reasons for the lack of majority support for Pęk were later explained by Marek Borowski, a KO senator, on social media. “In the past term, Deputy Marshal Pęk spoke very aggressively towards opposition senators, compared them to Russian agents, and was punished with a statutory penalty by the Ethics Committee,” he pointed out.

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The penalty related to a social media post from July this year. The Senate was then dealing with the so-called lex Tusk. Pęk wrote that “under the cover of darkness, the pro-Russian majority will probably reject the law on the Commission to investigate Russian influence in Poland.” For these words, he was reprimanded by the Senate Ethics Committee.

Marek Pęk: I don’t think my head was spinning because of this one tweet

Senator Pęk talked more about this matter in Monday’s “Kropka nad i”. The second guest of the program was Michał Kamiński from Trzecia Droga, re-elected deputy speaker of the Senate.

– I am quite curious about the whole situation around me, because on the one hand, after the decision regarding Mrs. Marshal Witek, I expected that my head would also roll in the Senate, but on the other hand, I also see that this decision raises a lot of such controversies in the journalistic community. – said the PiS senator.

– Reducing my situation to an apology is reducing this matter to absurdity, because it seems to me that my head did not roll because of this one tweet, a tweet that was not of any serious caliber – added Pęk. As he explained, this entry was “in the nature of a reference to the old rhetoric that was often applied to Law and Justice, as deliberations take place under the cover of darkness.”

– I explained this statement to the Presidium (of the Senate – ed.) and to the committee. I said that this tweet was written in a specific context, in a specific situation and was within the boundaries of a certain political dispute, a certain rhetoric, especially regarding social media – continued Marek Pęk. – I think it was just a pretext, forced, ad hoc. However, I failed because I was a representative of Law and Justice, said the PiS senator.

Kamiński: I agree that the entry issue is an element of a larger whole

Michał Kamiński began his statement by assuring that “he is not a pro-Russian politician”, as evidenced by, among other things, the fact that – as he recalled – “he received orders from the presidents of Ukraine.”

– Of course, this deeply offends me. Secondly, I also want to say that in politics I have sometimes said inappropriate things and got carried away, he admitted, adding that such situations should be accompanied by an apology and “this should be the norm.” – Because we can really get into discussions, we can get into polemics, (…) – said the Third Way politician.

– I would delicately agree that the matter of his unfortunate and offensive tweet is an element of a larger whole. And this larger whole sounds like this: today we live in a country where, despite the electoral victory of the opposition Law and Justice and the president associated with Mr. Marshal’s camp (Pęka – ed.) entrusted him with the mission of forming a government Mateusz Morawiecki, even though everyone knows that this mission has not the slightest success – said Kamiński. He added that “until recently, the main political force in Poland, even after losing the elections, did not respect the basic rules of democracy.”

Kamiński on Marek Pęk’s situation: I agree that the entry issue is an element of a larger wholeTVN24

Pęk: I think I will be the only PiS candidate for deputy speaker of the Senate

Marek Pęk was asked whether he would be the only candidate chosen by Law and Justice.

– I think so. This was clearly formulated by our leaders, Mr. President and Marshal Karczewski, who is currently the head of the Senate part of the PiS club. The majority will not choose the marshal, he replied.

As he added, “this is actually the essence of the dispute” between the Senate majority and PiS representatives. – The majority cannot elect the minority of the speaker, because this is a violation of the basic custom and sacred law of democracy – said the senator.

Pęk: you have to treat with great caution what a person who is applying for the status of a crown witness says

The program’s guests also discussed the case of former MP Tomasz Kaczmarek, known as Agent Tomek, who reported the crime and – as “Gazeta Wyborcza” wrote – “applied for the status of a crown witness.” Agent Tomek “tells how, at the request of his superiors – Mariusz Kamiński, Maciej Wąsik and Ernest Bejda – he handed over documents to journalists: Cezary Gmyz, Dorota Kania, Tomasz Sakiewicz and Samuel Pereira.”

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– It is very easy to check what issues agent Tomek is talking about and what journalists wrote about them. Because here there is zero scope for lying. Because if it is seen that a journalist provides information from the investigation three, four, five, six times, (and) this information is easy to verify, then we will know whether agent Tomek is telling the truth or not – commented Kamiński.

– Mr. Agent Tomek, let’s call him that, is trying to become a crown witness. According to the Penal Code or the Code of Criminal Procedure, this institution means that someone wants to avoid criminal liability for specific crimes, charges or mitigate this liability by providing new evidence, new facts in other cases – said Pęk. In his opinion, “you need to treat what such a person says with great distance and caution.” – He has already said various things – he added.

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