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Marek Suski on the administration of justice and the conditions of the European Union: enough of Poland’s blackmail

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The European Union is looking for any excuse to pick on Poland, said the deputy head of the PiS club, Marek Suski, referring to the issue of justice and the conditions imposed. “Whatever we do, there will be more demands again,” he assessed. He added that “at some point it must be said: enough of Poland’s blackmail.”

Suski was asked on Saturday on Polish Radio 24 about the direction of the PiS government’s policy towards the recommendations and conditions set by EU institutions regarding the Polish justice system. In his opinion, various types of concessions on the part of Poland mean that new demands are made by the European Union.

“Whatever we do, there will be more demands again.” (…) At some point it must be said: enough of Poland’s blackmail, we will not succumb to the Brussels captivity, we are a proud nation with a great history – he said.

According to Suski, “European Union is looking for any excuse to pick on Poland. “- Because the point is that Poland should not be a sovereign country, and that the European Union should be transformed into a federation, where Poland will have nothing to say. (…) This is the strategy of grilling Poland, to bring about a submissive government in Poland, with a prime minister who speaks Polish, but with a strong German accent and probably thinks in German – he said PiS MP.

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Marek Suskitvn24

Kaczyński: We have no obligations to listen to the EU on the issue of justice

On Friday, the president of PiS Jarosław Kaczyński during the Friday meeting in Płock was asked “What’s next with the new milestones invented by the European Union?”

– I really hear all these statements that I do not like something again. I am saying here, at the moment, my individual opinion, because there is no party decision, but this sentence is short: the end of this good thing. We, ladies and gentlemen, have shown maximum goodwill and, from the point of view of the treaties, we have no obligation to listen to the Union regarding the administration of justice. None, said Kaczyński.

What about KPO funds?

the European Commission accepted Polish National Reconstruction Plan at the beginning of June, with the proviso that the payment of money from the Reconstruction Fund will take place only after Poland has completed the so-called milestones regarding the expected changes, also in the judiciary. It was about liquidation, among other things Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, which ceased to exist on Friday in connection with the entry into force of the amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court.

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Vice-president of the European Commission Vera Jourova in June, during a meeting of the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee, she judged that this amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court did not meet the conditions set out in the KPO.

Jourova: President Andrzej Duda’s draft law on the Supreme Court does not meet the conditions set out in the KPOEuropean parliament

In its report on the rule of law in the EU published this week, the European Commission recommends, among other things, that the functions of the minister of justice and the prosecutor general should be separated in Poland. The European Commission has expressed serious concerns about the independence of the Polish judiciary.

In the KPO, which is to support the economy after the pandemic, Poland is requesting EUR 23.9 billion in grants and EUR 11.5 billion in the loan part.

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