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MareNostrum 5 supercomputer. From March it will be available for science and business

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MareNostrum 5, Europe’s newest world-class supercomputer, was inaugurated on Thursday in Barcelona. It is one of the 10 most powerful supercomputers in the world and from March 2024 it will be available to a wide range of European users from the science and industry sectors, the European Commission announced.

MareNostrum 5 is one of the most innovative supercomputers in the world, designed specifically to solve complex scientific problems. It aims to advance the EU’s work in several areas. For example, it will help European medical researchers by supporting the development of medicines and vaccines and by simulating the spread of viruses. It can also be used for traditional computing applications in areas such as climate research, engineering, materials science and earth sciences. The peak performance of MareNostrum 5 is 314 petaFLOPS. It is also the greenest supercomputer in Europe. The heat it produces will be used to heat the building in which it is located.

The supercomputer will strengthen European initiatives such as the ‘Towards Earth’ initiative, which aims to develop a highly accurate digital model of the Earth on a global scale, and the ‘Virtual Human Twin’ initiative, which aims to help scientists better understand the human body.

SupercomputerAA/ABACA / Abaca Press / Forum

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The supercomputer is to be made available to scientists

MareNostrum 5 is also designed for use by entities developing artificial intelligence (AI). It is equipped with the most advanced accelerators currently available, which will help meet the needs of emerging AI platforms. As announced by President Ursula von der Leyen in her State of the Union address, MareNostrum 5 will be made available to European AI start-ups. This should help accelerate the deployment of European AI-based technologies and ethical algorithms, enabling the EU to lead global efforts towards responsible, ethical and safe AI.

European Commission reported that the cost of acquiring and maintaining a supercomputer is EUR 151 million, of which 50 percent comes from the EU, and 50 percent with a consortium led by Spainto which they also belong Portugal and Türkiye.

Main photo source: AA/ABACA / Abaca Press / Forum

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