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Maria Kubisa heard another accusation. “Nothing will change if we do not remove abortion from the Penal Code”

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A year after the CBA operation in her office, Maria Kubisa, a gynecologist from Szczecin, heard another accusation. Like the previous ones, it concerns assistance in terminating pregnancy.

– How can you live in a country where you are afraid of everything? A woman is afraid of a doctor, doctors are afraid of a woman? – asks Maria Kubisa, a gynecologist from Szczecin, who had to appear at the prosecutor’s office again. – There was one more charge from the same article, i.e. aiding and abetting the termination of pregnancy – informs Rafał Gawęcki, Maria Kubisa’s defense attorney.

A year ago, CBA agents entered Dr. Kubisa’s office and took the documentation of thousands of patients. Now her case will be heard in court.

The Sejm, in turn, should take care to ensure that such cases do not occur again. – So that aiding and abetting abortion would not be punished. Doctors must feel safe, and doctors are also prosecuted today under Article 152, admits Katarzyna Kotula, Minister for Equality from the New Left.

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Even though the woman herself is not punished for abortion in Poland, her pregnancy is under special supervision. – These regulations criminalize pregnancy, which means that a woman who becomes pregnant in Poland comes under the microscope of the system – says Kamila Ferenc from the Foundation for Women and Family Planning FEDERA.

That is why women’s organizations appeal: the parliamentary discussion on abortion should be accompanied by a discussion on its decriminalization. There are two draft regulations in the Sejm on abortion on demand up to the twelfth week of pregnancy – those of the Civic Coalition and the Left. But only the Left is talking about deleting the provisions on punishment for assistance in terminating a pregnancy. – Nothing will change if we do not remove abortion from the Penal Code – says Natalia Broniarczyk from the Aborcjon Dream Team organization.

Government announcements

The government responds – we have much more for women. Next week, the Minister of Health, Izabela Leszczyna, will announce guidelines on termination of pregnancy. But not only. Access to prenatal tests and anesthesia during childbirth will also increase. – There will be a list of such delivery rooms. A woman will be able to choose: “I’m going here, because I will definitely get perinatal anesthesia here,” Izabela Leszczyna announced in TVN24’s “Fakty po Faktach”. Because almost 90 percent of women giving birth in Poland do not receive epidural anesthesia. – Women who go into labor have great fear of how much labor will hurt. Not giving them epidural anesthesia is bordering on a kind of torture – emphasizes Monika Piekarek from the Rodzic po Ludzku Foundation.

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Women whose path to motherhood is blocked by cancer will also have a chance. – They will be able to freeze their gametes and we will bank them, and it will also be financed from public funds – announces Izabela Leszczyna.

Chemotherapy damages fertility. Protecting reproductive cells with in vitro methods will give you a chance to have a family in the future. – After surviving cancer, the possibility of having a child is simply fantastic – says Professor Sławomir Wołczyński, a specialist in gynecology and endocrinology from the University Clinical Hospital in Białystok.

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