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Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bridge. Dangerous maneuver of a BMW driver. Recording

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The dangerous situation was registered by the policemen of the capital’s traffic police. The driver of the BMW ran a red light. The man, according to officers, had a three-month ban on driving.

“We often see cases on the road that drivers often take recklessly and selfishly towards their duties when driving their vehicles” – we read on the website of the Warsaw Department of Road Traffic.

As an example, the policemen give an incident recorded by officers from the Warsaw “traffic” while patrolling the route of the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bridge. A video from a police camera illustrating the event has been added to the website

“He was very surprised and surprised when he was stopped”

We see a BMW passing by a police car standing on the side of the road (the officers were controlling another driver). Moments later, the leader runs a red light.

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“The driver of a BMW car, thinking that since he had just passed the police car and the police officers conducting the intervention – he can afford more and move according to his own rules, not those defined in the law. He thought that he could go through the intersection with impunity, ignoring red light signal on the signaling device “- describe the policemen.

“He did not stop and did not even notice that pedestrians and cyclists had the green light at that time. He was very surprised and surprised to be stopped just after committing such a serious offense,” they added.

The driver of the BMW was fined. Moreover, during the inspection it turned out that there is a three-month ban on driving “motor vehicles”.

Main photo source: KSP

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