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Marian Banaś in the Sejm on envelope elections and the results of the NIK audit. Tomasz Trela ​​and Artur Soboń comment

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Information from NIK President Marian Banas on the May envelope elections, which did not take place, was one of the topics of “Kropki nad i” on TVN24. – The auditors, because it is not President Banaś, showed that all these activities were illegal – said Tomasz Trela, MP from the Left. – I still give the president a credit of confidence, although unfortunately I’m afraid that his motivations are not the most noble today – said the second guest of the program, deputy minister of state assets Artur Soboń (PiS).

The guests of the Wednesday edition of “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 were Deputy Minister of State Assets Artur Soboń (PiS) and Tomasz Trela, MP from the Left. They discussed, among other things, information about last year’s envelope elections in May, which did not take place. Information on this matter President of the Supreme Audit Office, Marian Banaś, presented in the Sejm on Wednesday. The inspection covered the prime minister’s office, the Ministry of State Assets, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, the Polish Post Office and the Polish Security Printing Works.

Marian Banaś said that the analysis of the findings made by the NIK auditors gave rise to notifications to the prosecutor’s office about the justified suspicion of committing crimes by the management boards of the controlled companies – Poczta Polska and PWPW, the prime minister, the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the minister of state assets and the minister of internal affairs and administration. When the head of the Supreme Audit Office started his speech, most of the ruling party’s deputies left the chamber.


Trela: It was abuse, mismanagement

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Deputy Tomasz Trela, commenting on Marian Banas’ statement and addressing Deputy Minister Artur Soboń, said that “this is the final proof that it is not enough that you have cheated, but that you are also lying to your eyes.” – The application to the prosecutor’s office is the ultimate proof? – Soboń answered him.

– As we said then that the envelope elections are one big swindle, you denied it, your boss, minister, deputy prime minister (Jacek) Sasin “can do everything” and gave orders for printing voting cards, envelopes, charged the Polish Post, its employees Trela ​​continued. – Today the auditors of the Supreme Audit Office, because it is not President Banaś, showed that all these actions were illegal, it was an abuse, mismanagement and requests to the prosecutor’s office against (Mateusz) Morawiecki, (Jacek) Sasin, (Michał) Dworczyk and (Mariusz) Kamiński – he reminded.

– Not today, because today Ziobro (Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Zbigniew) rules, but after your rule, these conclusions will be drawn from the drawer, the prosecutor will take appropriate action – he said. “The guilty will be judged,” he added.

Soboń: the report omits one small detail

Deputy Minister of State Assets Artur Soboń was asked what he thought about the report by Marian Banas and his controllers. – He omits one minor detail that we had an epidemic. The state should provide Poles with the opportunity to vote universally – he replied. He argued that the date of the elections announced by the Marshal of the Sejm was “the binding date”.

– Whether the conclusions of this report are confirmed, i.e. whether anyone will be criminally liable, is not the Supreme Audit Office, but the appropriate criminal proceedings, the prosecutor will evaluate the material and decide whether someone is guilty or not – he added.

Asked whether he regretted voting “for” the appointment of Banaś to the highest position in the Supreme Chamber of Control, Soboń replied: control activities are not the most noble.

Soboń: the NIK report omits one small detail

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