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Marian Banaś. Motion to waive the immunity of the President of the Supreme Audit Office. Another day of the meeting

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The Sejm committee continues its deliberations on the motion regarding the immunity of NIK President Marian Banas. Tuesday’s session ended without a decision. Banaś left the meeting earlier, explaining that neither his nor his proxy was allowed to speak. – The goal set by the ruling party is to remove me from the Supreme Chamber of Control – he said yesterday.

The Sejm’s regulatory, parliamentary and immunity committee resumed its deliberations after 9 a.m. and continues its deliberations on the motion of July 5, 2021 regarding the immunity of the President of the Supreme Audit Office Marian Banas.

Investigators want to bring a dozen or so charges against Banas, including false statements in property declarations.


After 8.30, Banaś showed a notification from the Sejm about the convening of the committee. He reported that the letters arrived at his secretariat at 10.30 p.m. and 10.37 p.m.

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The committee first dealt with the proposal in August last year. After the meeting was interrupted, it was announced then that it would continue after the commission received the case files from the prosecutor’s office.

Interrupted commission and Banas’ statement

After Tuesday’s meeting, the chairman of the committee, Kazimierz Smoliński (PiS), said that “the committee ended its deliberations without taking a decision because some opposition MPs blocked the meeting”. – After the decision that the meeting was closed to members of the bylaws committee, members from outside the committee said that they would not leave the room and we could take them out by force, but they would not leave – he reported. – Of course, there is no such possibility, so I had to close the session – he explained.

Earlier, Banaś left the committee meeting. His lawyer, Professor Marek Chmaj, explained that one of the representatives of the NIK president was not admitted to the meeting, and Banaś himself and his other representative were not allowed to vote.

The President of the NIK made a statement. Over the last two and a half years, I have become the target of ruthless attacks by the secret services and the media world associated with them. You have been inundated with lies about me and my family. There was only one thing in this campaign: to present me as a bad person, he said.

– The goal that the ruling party has set itself is to remove me from Supreme Audit Officebecause it is I who do not allow the reports of the Supreme Audit Office to be manipulated in favor of the authorities, he noted.

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Banaś: The rulers are afraid of the results of the independent NIK audit. They are afraid that the Supreme Audit Office will explain the Polish version of the Watergate scandalTVN24

Pursuant to the Act on the Supreme Audit Office, a request for consent to bring the president of the Supreme Audit Office to criminal liability in a case of an offense prosecuted under public prosecution is submitted through the prosecutor general.

The President of the NIK – who is appointed by the Sejm with the consent of the Senate – may not be held criminally responsible or deprived of liberty without the prior consent of the Sejm. He cannot be detained or arrested, except if he is caught red-handed and if his detention is necessary to ensure the proper course of the proceedings.

The consent to bring the president of the NIK to criminal liability is expressed by the Sejm by an absolute majority of the statutory number of deputies. Failure to obtain the required majority of votes means that you do not consent to it.

Banaś was nominated as the president of the Supreme Audit Office by Law and Justice.

Main photo source: PAP / Rafał Guz

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