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Marian Banaś. Rzeczpospolita reached the findings of the CBA and the prosecutor’s office

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“Rzeczpospolita” reached the findings of the CBA and the prosecutor’s office in the case of Marian Banas. They show that the current president of the Supreme Audit Office was to avoid paying taxes. “Despite having eight bank accounts, he settled in cash, outside the knowledge of the tax office,” the newspaper reported on Monday.

Rzeczpospolita reminds that on Tuesday the Parliamentary Committee on Regulations, Deputies’ Affairs and Immunities is to vote on the prosecution’s motion to waive the immunity of Marian Banas, the president of the Supreme Audit Office, to charge him with allegations of concealing assets.

The Public Prosecutor General requested permission to bring Marian Banas to criminal liability. READ MORE >>>

Arrangements of the CBA and the prosecutor’s office in the case of Marian Banas

The findings of the CBA and the prosecutor’s office on 40 pages have been known to “Rzeczpospolita”.

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“They show that Banaś, although he held the positions of deputy minister and minister of finance, head of the Customs Service, and then the National Revenue Administration, and the general inspector of financial information, avoided paying taxes – both by settling accounts with contractors and helping his son financially. , which the CBA discovered in Bania’s laptops, prove that they were both aware of it “, Rzeczpospolita reads.

“Marian Banaś from 2005, under the first PiS government, began to hold the highest positions in the state regarding finance and taxes. As a public official, he submitted property declarations that are questioned today by the CBA and the prosecutor’s office, accusing the president of the Supreme Audit Office of lying in ten of them. In a statement for 2016, he stated, for example, that he had PLN 550 thousand in cash, although the analysis of bank accounts shows that he had over PLN 963 thousand. When he took the position of the President of the Supreme Audit Office (August 2019), he announced that he had PLN 2.721 million, although he had PLN 550 thousand more (the increase in finance is the result of the sale of a tenement house in Krakow, which became the beginning of his problems) “- the newspaper says.


Cash transactions

According to her, the findings of the investigators do not explain why Minister Banaś was so nonchalant when it comes to showing his assets. “In the motion to the Sejm to waive his immunity, there are, among others, e-mails to a friend in the USA called Stanley, whom Banas (in March 2020) asks for a statement. >> The Internal Security Agency (… ) because in the declarations I only mentioned the amounts that were on the accounts and transfers

He explained that he must have confirmation that he earned 70,000 in the US for 1.5 years of work. dollars. >> Which you know very well, because I kept this money at your house

As the investigators found out, Banaś, who held high positions in the country, made many serious financial transactions not through official bank transfers, but in cash. “Out of circulation, that is the knowledge of the tax office, he gave his son from PLN 426 thousand to PLN 494 thousand, and these sums” have not been reported to the tax authorities under any title of civil law contracts “- the prosecutor says. for a payment of PLN 50,000, he replies that he will give him >> cash> one of the governments has forbidden payments to someone else’s account

According to the newspaper, another problem of the head of the Supreme Audit Office may be the purchase of a sculpture from Galeria New Form – a financial pyramid. Banaś allegedly claimed that it was only after he had recovered his money that he found out what he was dealing with.

When Banaś found out about the pyramid, he withdrew his money. READ MORE >>>

Main photo source: PAP / Leszek Szymański

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