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Marilyn Manson. Esmé Bianco accused the musician of rape, electrocution and “other forms of violence”. She decided to settle

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Esmé Bianco, the actress known from “Game of Thrones”, decided to enter into an out-of-court settlement with Marilyn Manson, her lawyer informed. As he said, she decided to take this step “to move on with her life and career.” Two years earlier, Bianco filed a lawsuit accusing the musician of, among others, for carrying out “brutal sexual acts to which she did not consent” and other forms of violence.

Esmé Bianco was one of three women to file a civil lawsuit against Marilyn Manson (real name Brian Warner) in 2021. In February of the same year, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office launched a domestic violence investigation against the musician. Bianco’s lawsuit alleges that Manson was abused and sexually abused during their relationship..

Now, Bianco and Manson have settled on the lawsuit. Both parties confirmed to Rolling Stone that they had settled out of court. “Ms. Bianco has agreed to withdraw her claims against Brian Warner and Marilyn Manson Records Inc in order to move on with her life and career,” Bianco’s lawyer, Jay Ellwanger, was quoted by The Guardian. Manson’s legal team also confirmed the news. Neither party disclosed the details of the settlement.

Accusations of electrocution, rape and other forms of violence

In a lawsuit filed almost two years earlier, the actress, who appeared in in “Game of Thrones”, she accused Manson of performing “brutal sexual acts that she did not consent to”, rape and other forms of violence. According to the lawsuit, Manson violated California’s human trafficking laws by locking Bianco in the bedroom as well as forcing her to do housework. Previously, he had encouraged her to move from London to Los Angeles under the pretense of appearing in a music video and film, which ultimately were never made. The musician also had an actress, among others chase with a saw and an ax and electrocute.

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Manson’s lawyers denied the accusations, calling them “most likely false” and adding: “This lawsuit was only filed after our client refused to comply with outrageous financial demands based on claims of conduct that simply never happened. We will vigorously dispute these allegations. in court and we are confident that we will win.”

A series of allegations against Manson

Esmé Bianco is not the only woman to accuse the musician of violence. Ashley Morgan Smithline, who sued Manson in 2021, alleged that he repeatedly forcibly locked her for several hours in a room the size of a “store fitting room”, which he called “a room for bad girls”. “The first time he talked about it in such a way that it seemed cool. Then he changed his tone and it sounded like punishment. Even if I screamed, no one could hear me.

“I resisted at first, but he enjoyed it. Then I learned not to fight. My mind was running elsewhere, she said. Journalists noted that Smithline’s lawsuit alleges that Manson choked her, bit her, carved the initials MM on her thigh, and burned her without her consent “for his own sexual gratification.” The woman accused him of raping her “several times”.

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Model Sarah McNeilly told Rolling Stone magazine that Manson had thrown her against a wall and, holding a baseball bat, had threatened to mutilate her face. Former music assistant Ashley Walters, however, accused him of offering it to his friends, urging them to “please his friends the way they want.”

“Rolling Stone” as part of a nine-month investigation conducted two years ago reached a total of 55 people – former friends and associates of the singer – and court documents.

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