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Marine Le Pen: Ukraine is under the influence of Russia. Interview in “Rzeczpospolita” about Russia, Ukraine, the alliance with PiS and the vision of the EU

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I do not think that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, will decide to enter Ukraine – said Marine Le Pen, leader of the French National Union and candidate in the presidential elections in France, in an interview for Rzeczpospolita. At the same time, she stated that Poland’s eastern neighbor “belongs to the sphere of influence” of Moscow. She also talked about what her party had in common with Law and Justice and why her victory in the upcoming elections would be crucial for the future of the European Union.

An interview with Marine Le Pen was published in the Monday edition of “Rzeczpospolita”. The head of the French National Union and candidate in the upcoming presidential elections in France was asked, among other things, about security issues and the tense situation east of the European Union.


Ukrainian soldier in a trench, Donetsk (December 3, 2021)PAP / EPA / ANATOLI STEPANOV

Referring to the concerns of the international community regarding the movements of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, she said that in her opinion Russian President Vladimir Putin would not decide to enter Ukraine. “I don’t think Putin made such a mistake. But I also think that the EU played the role of a firefighter-pyroman in this matter. You can say what you want, but Ukraine belongs to Russia’s sphere of influence. Trying to disturb this sphere of influence creates tensions, fears and we come to the situation we are witnessing today. And we should all fight together with the real threat that looms over Europe: Islamism “- said the candidate for the presidency of France.

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Asked whether Ukraine has the right to join NATO, she replied: “First, Turkey has to be taken out of it.” “I also do not think that in the present state of NATO can accept any new state,” added Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen in WarsawTomasz Gzell / PAP

“Putin’s Friend”

Marine Le Pen has long been known for its pro-Russian views and support for Vladimir Putin’s policy. In the past, she has claimed, among other things, that Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea was legalbecause a referendum was held there and the people of the peninsula “wished to rejoin Russia”. In 2016, she announced that if he became president of France, he would recognize the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula to Russia. She has also repeatedly criticized Western countries for the sanctions they imposed on Moscow after the annexation of Crimea.

Vladimir Putinkremlin.ru

It is also not the first time that Le Pen has announced that Ukraine is part of the Russian sphere of influence. – It’s a fact. Just like Canada is part of the American sphere of influence – she said in 2017 in an interview with the BBC. At that time, she expressed the opinion that Russia did not pose a military threat to European states and that the North Atlantic Alliance was “outdated”. – It was created to fight the Soviet Union, but nowadays there is no USSR. There is Russia that does not deserve to be treated with prejudices and has not carried out any actions against European states or the United States, argued the leader of the nationalist group four years ago.

During a visit to Moscow in 2014 Le Pen openly supported the idea of ​​federalizing Ukraine advocated by the Kremlin. At the same time, it considered it a mistake for Brussels to propose, against Moscow’s will, to establish closer ties with Kiev. The leader of the National Union (then still the National Front) went to the Russian capital also in 2017, during the election process, when she was running for the presidency of France. She then met with Putin, which eloquently indicated Le Pen’s priorities in international politics.

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Le Pen on the alliance with PiS

The head of the French National Union said in an interview with Rzeczpospolita on Monday that her grouping with Law and Justice shares “the idea that nations must remain sovereign and free at all costs”. “We cannot accept the fact that without the consent of nations or even against them, attempts are made to blackmail and threaten to impose a policy that is contrary to their interests. They are deprived of the ability to protect their own borders, preserve their identity, their own values, cultural codes and customs” – she said.

Marine Le Pen in WarsawAndrzej Lange / PAP

As she added, she hopes that during this term of the European Parliament, the National Union and Law and Justice will form one grouping in Strasbourg. “When we are divided, the European Commission shoots each of us – Poland and Hungary, like a sniper. But when we unite, it will be much more difficult for it” – Le Pen assessed.

“My victory is of great importance for the future of the entire Community”

The candidate for president of France said in an interview with Rzeczpospolita that if she managed to win next year’s presidential elections, she would press the European Commission to unlock funds from the EU Reconstruction Fund for Poland. “And not only that. The CJEU imposed on Poland one million euro daily penalties for breaking the rule of law. France will pay this penalty for Poland! We are a net payer to the EU budget and we will deduct these costs from our overpayment” – announced the candidate for French President.

Warsaw Summit – talks of the leaders of European conservative parties in WarsawTwitter / Law and Justice

Marine Le Pen in WarsawAndrzej Lange / PAP

“France is the founding country of the Union, its heart. What power will a coalition of countries fighting to protect their own identity have if France joins them! That is why my victory is so important for the future of the entire Community” – argued Le Pen.

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell / PAP

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