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Mariupol. Mayor’s advisor: one can speak of the beginning of an epidemic in the city

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We can talk about the beginning of the epidemic in Mariupol, said Mayor Petro Andriushchenko’s adviser on Sunday. In the Russian-occupied city on the Sea of ​​Azov, garbage rots in the streets, and contamination can be caused by makeshift graves.

The mayor’s adviser said, citing its own sources in Mariupol, that the city “is indeed being quarantined.” “Now it’s a milder version of the quarantine, more bureaucratic, but I think they understand the epidemic has started,” he added. Andriushchenko, whose statement was provided by the portal Suspilne. thinks it could be cholera or dysentery (bacterial dysentery).

Mariupol. Water pollution

Describing the sanitary situation, Andriushchenko spoke about the pollution of the sea and water sources. – We are aware that shallow graves have a certain effect, rotting rubbish on the streets – all this goes to water, sea, drinking water sources. The risk of an epidemic is not only a threat, it is already at such a level that we actually record individual cases – as much as we can record them – he said. He judged that “this allows us to say that the epidemic has basically begun.” According to the advisor of the mayor in Mariupol, the mortality rate is increasing. Andriushchenko warned that in the present conditions, with no medical system or laboratories operating in Mariupol, no vaccines or drugs, even dysentery could result in many deaths.

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Ukraine – Mariupol. A city threatened by an epidemic

Andriushchenko also spoke about the threat of an epidemic in Mariupol at the end of April, pointing to the lack of access to sewage, drinking water and food. Russian troops blocked the city from March 1. The dead were buried en masse in Mariupol. There is still a shortage of water and food. The Russians partially launched the waterworks. However, in mid-May, the head of WHO in Ukraine, Dorit Nitzan, warned that many pipes were damaged, causing sewage and drinking water to mix.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / SERGEI ILNITSKY

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